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Is AI Art Art?

Is AI Art Art?

Now we have AI art, AI pictures, AI music, AI poetry, AI story machines - but is it art when an algorithm aka AI (wrongfully named, in my opinion, "artificial intelligence") makes art? As someone who has been making fractal art for a very long time, this is the conclusion I have come to. 

AI art is not art by itself. 

It needs a human to make a choice from the INFINITE POSSIBILITIES which ONE to render, publish, share, put their signature on. 

Just like the infinite monkeys on infinite typewriters generating infinite scripts, and eventually in infinite time, you'll get an exact replica of Shakespeare's Hamlet, including the original typos, AI art generators of any kind can produce everything, if you give them long enough. 

At some point, a human being has to come along and CHOOSE. 

And it is at that moment, that instant, that random AI material turns into art - because a human being says so. 

That is pretty much the same thing as throwing random paint from a bicycle on a canvas. There is a human being involved who, at the end of the process, says, "That's it. This is (my) art!" - and then it is. 

It is art. 

Doesn't matter if it is random toilet (out of ten million toilets produced overall) that ends up in an art gallery, or a random iteration chosen from an infinity of possibilities - the hand of human does the choosing as it were, or rather, the head of human, puts thereby their human stamp of approval on it, and declares it to be art. 

This is what art is and how it works all the way from fingerpainting a coloured line on a cave wall to the grandest sculpture ever manufactured. 

Human beings do art. 

They choose. 

When an AI chooses its own art, it isn't art, because there's no human involved. 

Simple, really, when you think about it. 

So should you be an artist who uses machine art instead of bronze and brushes, be advised. You're making art. You're CHOOSING. 

So that's my thought for the day. 

Keep choosing - and in preference, choose beauty and love. 


Silvia Hartmann

Dec 2021



Here is some AI generated (algorithm random generated) Fractal Art of mine, CHOSEN from potentially infinite iterations by me. 

Made with JWildfire which is a free fractal flame program with a great community online. 

Fractal Bubbles Having Fun

Fun & Games in the fractal multiverse


Fractal bubbles fountaining into the future

Onward & Upward! 


Alien spaceships harvesting water

Alien spaceships harvesting water from a waterworld :-)


The perfect morning AI Algorithm Created Human Chosen Fractal Art by Silvia Hartmann

The Perfect Morning


Escape To Sanctuary

Escape to Sanctuary!

Project Sanctuary is the love of my life.





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