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“Jellyfishing” is the term I use for letting go, and going with the flow, just like a Jellyfish travels on the ocean tides.

 So relaxing …

 Here is a gallery of vector jellyfish, Modern Energy Art (MEA) Solutions for needing to drift, float and dream for a little while, recharging in the Oceans of Energy …


 The 1st Jellyfishing vector jellyfish …

Jellyfishing In Dreamy Turquoise :-)



 Jellyfishing In Water Blue



 Jellyfishing In Pink



 Jellyfishing In Nutritious Lime Green



 Jellyfishing In Vit C



 Jellyfishing In Bioluminescence



 Jellyfishing In Love & Light




Jellyfishing Just For Fun



 Jellyfishing With Long Consequences



 Jellyfishing By The Light Of The Moon




I hope you have enjoyed my vector jellyfish … especially if you need to go with the flow, just for a little while.


Silvia Hartmann

December 2019

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