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Just because it's useful doesn't mean it isn't art

Just because it's useful doesn't mean it isn't art

In Modern Energy Art, just because an artefact is immensely useful, it does not cease to be "art." A p(art) of the (r(E)volution ...


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In Modern Energy Art, just because an artefact is immensely useful, it does not cease to be "art." A p(art) of the (r)Evolution ...


Useful Art - now there's a concept! When did it happen that art, magic and physical reality got so broken apart that people stopped making magical, powerful objects for every day use?

Creating powerful magical artefacts?

Why the hell are we drinking from mass produced plastic bottles, or mass produced ceramic cups?

What has gone wrong that we are wearing mass produced, energy deprived, ARTLESS clothes and sit at artless tables on artless chairs, wielding artless knives and forks, eating artless food?

When did the power to create fabulous artefacts escaped humanity so entirely, and instead, few and far between, bits of art were stood up on a pedestal, to be looked at and admired from afar, but not to ever be of any practical use???

Man, that must have been a catastrophy.

I am sitting here shaking my head, about the fact that I even feel I need write an article to explain that art and magic are one and the same, that the energy of objects really matters, that artefacts are of immense value to human beings and that there should be absolutely no distinction between any artefact that human beings create, and art, and magic.

This really came to my awareness in making the Magic Mirrors.

I was told that because you use them in a fashion as a mirror, that means they are not art. Because art has to be useless above and beyond its own existence.

It's incredible that people could believe such errant nonsense.

Words fail me.

They rarely do, but on this topic, I can only shake my head and wonder where it all went so very wrong.

The quality of "art" - where is the verb, by the way? Arting? Rhymes with farting, right? Have a giggle, and once you're over that, think about it. At least as a writer, you can do some writing, on any subject under or above any sun and then some. As an artist, you have to make certain things to fall into certain categories but you don't ever get to do any arting in and of itself.

The adjective "arty" is also an insult, rather than a simple addition. So you can have magical food, and that feels interesting, and arty food, which is someone who tries way too hard.

Well ...

I'm going to leave it today with the helpful notion that when we do art in higher energy states, we get more of an understanding of what we're doing, and activity, magic, and art re-combine and become one of the same; and at the same time that happens, the idea of wearing something that is artless, or loveless, becomes just insanity.

In the meantime ...

I'm going to tell a person who makes a magical cup out of glass or out of clay, out of metal or out of wood, that they are an artist.

Embrace that. You are making something with love and energy, with your own fair hands, and the result is a work of art.

Expand that to all things that human beings can make. All things, all the way to the international space station and every single component within it.

It's the intention, the awareness, the WILL to magic, that makes everything - including "art."

And when it's actually useful, has a purpose in the greater scheme of things rather than being entirely excluded from the rest of the universe, art even starts make sense.



Silvia Hartmann, March 2019

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