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LILA & Friends

LILA & Friends

Lila is the name of a Sanctuary friend who turned up one night whilst I was doodling an anime girl. Here is her story, so far.

So it came to pass that a late night doodling session produced the first outlines of an anime girl.

Playing with colouring in the hair, purple anime girl immediately jumped out and took central stage.

The purple haired anime girl jumps out!

The purple haired anime girl jumps out!

She was right away a noticeable presence, and this is her first portrait.

Lila's first portrait - portrait of a new anime girl called Lila

The first portrait. When I wondered about her name, it was LILA - pronouced Lee-Lah, and that is the German word for purple.

* An aspect wrote a song once, "Give me purple, and I shall give you love ..."

 I posted the picture to a couple of groups; is having other people see her, know her and recognise her name a part of the manifestation process of a Sanctuary friend? We might well wonder ...

In the meantime, Lila wanted a body.

It was late but the request was so strong, my aspect went ahead and made her a body, before going unconscious.

 Lila's arrival in a city

Lila's arrival on Planet Earth, in a city somewhere ... at sunset ...

I was posting pictures of the unfoldments on the group for people who have taken my MEA course as I went along.

 Next morning, I went back to her and found to my surprise that she had "grown up" overnight.

Lila in the morning after the night before

Lila in the morning after the night before.

Now clearly, vector drawings don't update themselves whilst you sleep (be cool if they did!).

When I say "Lila grew up overnight!" what I mean by that is that of course I "clicked" Lila's body proportions and everything about her the night before, but in the morning, these had changed. At first I was very confused by that, as when you click something, it stays clicked; then I realised she had literally grown up, from a young child to a pre-teen at least.

Young Lila and slightly older Lila side by side

Fascinating! Lila is evolving. This is such a cool feature about Project Sanctuary/SuperMind FRIENDS, they are not cardboard cutouts or vector lines. They are not "characters," they are fully fledged entities with pasts, futures, presents and they are who they are, not who you would like them to be.

They are "calculated" by the dear Energy Mind which knows more about everything that we consciously ever could ...

This was certainly proof to me that Lila was indeed, a Sanctuary friend and now it all becomes far more interesting.

What happens next?

Well, there are two things which connected up with Lila.

One is a "talking characters" program I own and am experimenting with.

The second is that I am amused by making videos that are less than 1 minute long (Youtube "shorts").

So can we get Lila to speak, and if she was to speak, what would she say?

Who is Lila?

Lila is a "story teller" in the sense of Elory's Joy.

She is an alien who assumes a form we can interact with, and she's here to help us.

For details on how the Story Tellers operate, please see Elory's Joy:

The first story she wanted to tell was "Dragon Story."

Here it is.


 I posted the video to Youtube and added the following comments:

The "Dragon Story" is a Project Sanctuary (SuperMind) creativity pattern, whereby instead of stuffing a story in from the outside, we let a story unfold from within a person.

It came about when a child asked me to tell them a story. I have a billion stories to tell, but so does the child, and I was in the mood to hear a story I had never heard before. So I asked the child, "What kind of story would you love?" - and the child told me.

I would offer this basic creativity pattern to the poor stressed people in the mass media production departments, who cannot think of anything new and keep cannibalising old stories in their desperation. This pattern does not consist of asking a random child for a story (although that would work too and help!), but to ask yourself, what story would I like to hear right now? What would have to be in it? What should not be in it? ... and thus generate something real, something personal, something interesting for a change.

On the topic of creativity patterns, this one here is also really good fun to try. There's a story to go with it. A story the re-purposers of other people's creative output should hear, at least once in their lives.

The original Dragon Story written out in wordywords is here:

Project Sanctuary, now known as SuperMind, is one of the four pillars of Modern Energy. Find out more by reading my free eBook r[E]volution - and/or join my fight to bring sense back into the world of human beings and get access to the Modern Energy Foundation course, which includes a session on SuperMind, for free:

"People without creativity are angels with broken wings." Silvia Hartmann



So that's Lila's story so far. Three days "work" to do the vector drawings and the video.

Today is September 16th, 2021. My 2nd granddaughter's birthday, as it happens.

Will we see more of Lila?

I wonder ... :-)


 PS: (that is the official abbreviation for PROJECT SANCTUARY)

TBC! (Which is my abbreviation for THE BLESSED CHILD)


First update upon posting this article for the first time - a moment of fun to see the No. 111 - ther triple one, new worlds, new beginings! So relevant as Lila is very much a Sanctuary being!

111 SuperMind Masters as of TODAY.

It's a sign! :-)

Now it's definitely TBC for Lila!


Lila original anime girl character aka Project Sanctuary Friend aka Story Teller 2021 by Silvia Hartmann

Lila says "Hello!" :-)


Lila has friends ...


This is not Dareon, it's actually a young Elory!

This is a young Elory.

Much, much later they will feature in this story:

Elory on the space station

Young Elory on the space station x Nov 21


Butterfly Fairy Manga

The Butterfly Fairy


The alien white queen manga character

White alien queen





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