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Magic Book

Magic Book

A cover design for a real magic book is a challenge. Because a magic book is not just about the words inside, but a magic book is a magical *object* in its own right - a tool for magic, an energy generater, an imprinter and also an MEMEM, to be used in actual magic.

So apart from the challenge of, "Does it look right?" this kind of structural design also needs to feel right, and "magic right" for the want of a better word.

Every aspect of this design has intent and energy; from the sizes and angles that come from magical numbers progressions, sacred geometry and the original vision, to the shades of the colors in the original and handmade structure bitmaps used.

There is no writing in ordinary words on the cover of the original magic edition; only on the spine.

However, there are Genius Symbols that describe the purpose of the book, both as a book as well as a magical object in its own right, which provide the "steering" for the energy generated through the symbol.

In a way, a design such as this, produced in the 21st century on a computer is a coming together of modern magic.

The vision is there; that part is relatively easy if you know what you're doing.

But now the vision has to be translated into points, pixels and lines; into shapes and numbers on the computer screen; and this has to be done in such a way that the final print version is taken into consideration during the process of constructing the digital image. If you don't do that, what you see on the screen won't be the finished article in your hand.

A thoroughly fascinating process and what I would consider a true example of "modern magic" at work.

The text of the book itself is composed of positive and uplifting inspiration, help and support for MAGICAL PEOPLE - this is not a book for "the average Joe in the street". To a non-magical person, this book makes no sense - neither the words inside it, nor the actual object itself.

To a magical person, this is a precious thing, and a very useful thing; something you don't find every day, a true "magic book" aligned across the levels and the layers, from the first vision, to the words, to the final production using 21st Century technology until we have it manifest in the hard.

A fabulous creative experience, and one that challenged my visionary and technical abilities in every dimension.

Could this be a masterpiece ...?


Black and white magic book base design image

Black & White Magic Book Cover Design RHW Magic Edition


Samples of hand made gold textures used for magic book cover design

Samples of the hand made gold textures used for magic book cover RHW



Spine design for RHW

Spine Design for RHW



Front and back cover of RHW Magic Edition

Magic Book RHW Front and Back Covers



Magic Book Design Large Image

RHW Magic Edition Front Cover



As a magic book is a little on the large side for some occasions, we have also made some "magic credit cards" (and what a wonderful concept that is!) to energize the purse, the wallet, the glass of water on your travels, an erea in your energy body or aura that might need healing ... and so much more ...


Magic Credit Card

Magic Credit Card design based on RHW

As I am uploading these images, I'm actually quite shocked how much expertise has gone into making these things that look so simple. The years of studying magic. And then the years of learning how to use digital art programs. And the little extras, such as my own magical symbols without which The Rich & Healthy Witch wouldn't be what it is today. Well, I guess then there's the content - my experience of 50 years living as a magical person in a very magical world but amidst very un-magical people ...

It's really quite something when you think about it ...

Oh ... do I hear the future calling?



Silvia Hartmann

August 2010

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