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Magic Mirror In Gold

Magic Mirror In Gold

You can hang a picture on the wall and that's wonderful - but nothing is quite as fascinating or as magical as a Magic Mirror. Mirror Mirror on the wall ...

So, there is all sorts of lore to be had about using magic mirrors to summon spirits, look into the future, into other dimensions and so forth, but let's start with the logic and the beginning.

What does a MIRROR show you?


The obvious first use for any Magic Mirror is to show you yourself.

In this case, I made a magic mirror that is golden, but it is also overlaid with lights and sparkles, to remind the person looking into the Magic Mirror that they are not looking at their physical self, but beyond that.

"You are more than your material existence."

Making a connection with, having a communication with your other aspects is the purpose of the Magic Mirror.

Here, one might confer with one's aspects, including the soul, guardian angels, and wiser, older, more knowledgeable parts of our selves on problems, on plans and goals, on finding one's true path in the confusing world in which we live.

Everyone should have a Magic Mirror ...

Magic Mirror In Gold 

Magic Mirror In Gold, Silvia Hartmann

Gold mirror, magic resin, holographics on 24k gold 30cm x 30cm canvas.


Magic Mirror Heart Detail



Magic Mirror Heart Detail Close Up

Magic Mirror Close Up Heart Detail


Magic Mirror with Silvia reflection

Magic Mirror with Silvia reflection


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