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Bespoke Magic Mirror "Playfull"

Bespoke Magic Mirror "Playfull"

I was asked to make a bespoke Magic Mirror and created "Playfull."


A gold leafed canvas, an energy symbols "Wishing Well" surround made from my special magic mix, and hearts, sparkles and spirals makes a beautiful bespoke Magic Mirror with a playful festival energy. 

As everything is either reflective, transparent, holographic or all three :-) it sparkles differently according to the light or who stands before it. 

Because it has the Energy Symbol Sphere surround, you can lay it flat and use it as a Magic Wishing Well. 

Or hang it on the wall to use as your personal Magic Mirror every day ... disguised as a work of art ... :-)



Signed & sealed:



Handed over to its new owner at the View Hotel in Eastbourne!


Beautiful photo from the new owner!

 May it bring you many moments of wonderful reflection and happiness! xxx



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