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Magic Mirror "Treasures"

Magic Mirror "Treasures"

I had not made a Magic Mirror in a while; and so it came to pass a new one was required. I didn't know the name of it until it was finished - it was to be called "Treasures."

Magic Mirror "Treasures" under construction ...

... one sparkle at a time :-)

Magic Mirror Treasures first sunrise

Magic Mirror Treasures very first sunrise - 23.5.21

After assembling the Magic Mirror and adding the resin, it needs to set overnight. I got up early to a glorious golden sunrise and couldn't wait to take it outside! And I got a gift - it perfectly reflected the one tree left in the road, and the sunrise, made it look like an ancient oil painting when a normal mirror would have reflected a totally ordinary english street with cars and houses and poles with wires ... magic moment! 

 Magic Mirror Treasures in different lights

Magic Mirror "Treasures" in different lights


Magic Mirror Treasures detail

Magic Mirror Treasures detail


These Magic Mirrors can be laid flat on a table and then they function as an Energy Symbol Sphere in general, but in particular, as a Wishing Well. Make a wish! :-)

 Magic Mirror Treasures Wishing Well

 Magic Mirror Treasures Wishing Well


And later, in the garden ... 

First, we tried in the shadow under the trees - and the photographer was caught! 

Magic Mirror Treasures with Silvia Hartmann 


"Treasures" inspired the topic of Sunday Live, which happened a few minutes later - the topic was self love, self esteem and self concept, and contained some essential mirror knowledge and exercises for a more loving tomorrow. 

 Magic Mirror on Sunday Live with Silvia


There we have it! Thank you for your interest and stay happy, stay strong! 


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