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Magic Wands - Energy Art Meets Energy Magic

Magic Wands - Energy Art Meets Energy Magic

It is really difficult when you do energy magic by any other name to make a distinction between a magical object and an art object, because they are one and the same.

So I've made three magic wands. Should I post this to the magic site and call it "a tool for magic"? Should I post it here and call these magic wands "energy art objects" or "sculpture"? I think that without magic, art is pointless and without art, magic sucks; so I tossed a coin and here we are - see my three new magic wands on instead of .

Whilst playing with liquid plastics, it occurred to me to make a magic wand. Plastic is an interesting choice for a magic wand; it's highly untraditional (that in and of itself can be very good) and also, liquid plastic has virtually no existence in its own right at the energy levels.

A plastic wand is the opposite of what we normally get - there's ghosts but we can't see them, and with the plastic wand, we can see it, feel it, tap it on the table and hear it, but when you switch your point of view into the energy existences, it's barely visible at all.

Now that is an opportunity and an interesting experience; for energy magic, of course you are shaping whatever energy you are sending through a wand anyway. With no powerful energetic existence in the way, such as metal, wood or crystal, you intention stays very pure and so is the resulting energy form.

I made three wands all told, one crystal clear n for general energy work; one which has gold leaf in it for power/prosperity style work; and a green one with titanium for healing.

I really like the look and feel of these, they're beautiful and very inviting, an important aspect of any real magical tool, or work of art, for that matter.

Magic Wand healing wand

Green healing wand


Magic Wand with Gold Leaf

Magic Wand with Gold Leaf


Magic Wand Crystal Clear

Magic Wand Crystal Clear


Of course, I also have traditional magic wands made of wood, metal and crystal, but I think these are a nice addition to the energy magician's tool kit and probably particularly suited to "modern magic."

Silvia Hartmann

February 2011


NB: Embedding crystals and metals in resin also produces an electrical field. This is known as "orgonite" and lots of people swear by it. 

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