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The Joy of Modern Energy Art

with Silvia Hartmann

MEA Course Manual




 The Essential MEA Introduction Videos


Mirrorball Messages The Story of Modern Energy Art



The Story of Modern Energy Art

  • Mirrorball Messages
  • Modern Energy Art Solutions



The Joy of Modern Energy Art


The Joy Of Modern Energy Art!

  • Welcome & Course Orientation
  • Energy & Creativity
  • Removing Blocks & Barriers That Have Held Us Back
  • Using Modern Energy Tapping and EMO Energy In Motion
  • The Principles of Modern Energy Art




The Set Up In Modern Energy Art

  • The Heart Position
  • Bringing Mind, Body & Spirit on the same page
  • Exploring True Artistic Freedom



 The Colour Energy Exercise

  • Removing blocks, shields and barriers to the energy of colours
  • First Steps Towards Becoming The Master Of The Colours




The 6th Sense Exercise

  • Using the 6th Sense to "read" the energy of art.
  • Practising the 6th Sense on six works of Modern Energy Art.




 The Modern Energy Art Exercises




The Symbol Painting



Movement - It's all about energy!

1-1  Energy, Art & Movement, Energy Lines




1-2  Colour, The 6th Sense and The CLICK!




1-3 Artistic Certainty and Invulnerability


Your mission: Create a Classic Modern Energy Art Symbol Painting, using MEA Art Solutions, to solve a problem of your choice.

Recommended: Acrylics on canvas, at least 1 foot square or bigger.



Creating Modern Energy Art Symbol Hybrids



2  How To Draw, And How To Create A Symbol Hybrid Painting

Your mission: Create a Symbol Hybrid Painting with a MEA Art Solutions set up of your choice, featuring a single creature or a single power object that people can recognise.




3  Art Hands, Micro Symbol Drawings, and Creatures On A Page 

Your Mission: Create a micro symbol drawing using shading instead of colours, and draw a creature on a page.



 Improving The Relationship Between The Artist & Their Creations


4  Love Your Art - EMOing Your Art    

Your Mission: EMO a work of your own art you have made for this course until you are in love!




5 How To Paint Absolutely Anything!


Your mission: Create an original work of art based on a memory, a aension (vision) or a dream that has powerful positive effects on its environment.




6 Telling Your Story - The Story Board

Your mission: Create a story board, telling a story in images, up to 16 cells in total.




7 The Happy Painting

Your mission: Create a simple Happy Painting that makes you feel good inside!

Bonus Mission: Create a Happy Painting for yourself, or for another person or entity.




8 Primal Art 1: Hands & Sands Of Time

Your mission: Create the two pieces, Hand and Sands of Time.


 9 Primal Art 2: The Cave Painting

Your mission: Create a cave wall and get started on your very own cave painting.


10 Primal Art 3: Primal Animals

Your mission: Create three primal animals and a mens of your own.




11 Energy Constellations 1: From 2 D to 3D 1: The Happy Family

Your mission: Arrange the family group from MEA10 to create a photograph that transmits the "Happy Family" energy. 


12 Energy Constellations 2: From 3D to 2D: Happy Fruit

Your mission: Arrange a number of objects so that together, they transmit the energy you have decided upon. Take a photograph that transmits that energy. 

Bonus mission: Create a drawing or painting based on your constellation. 




13 MEA Special: Art In A Crisis

Bonus mission (aka you don't "have" to do that but it would be nice if you did!): Make a Modern Energy creation, for example a greeting card, to send healing, love, support or any positive energy of your choice to yourself, an aspect or someone else. 


 Painting With Light


14: My Magic Camera

Your Mission: Create a loving relationship with your magic camera.



 15: Painting With Light

Your Mission: Create a stunning art photo using the Painting With Light technique.



 16: Photography & Set Ups

Your Mission: Choose a Set Up and create a finished photograph that expresses the energy of the Set Up.




 17: Digital Energy Art

Your Mission: Create a digital work of energy art that makes you feel happy!


  Magic Art

Art Spells

18: Modern Energy Art Spells

Your Mission: Create at least one powerfully positive MEA Art Spell of your own.



MEA 19 Magic Toys

19: Magic Toys

Your Mission: Make a Magic Toy - and PLAY with it!


 Story Art



 20: Word Art

Your Mission: Create your own piece of Word Art. Do a Symbol Hybrid painting featuring a single word. 




 21: My Song

Your Mission: Create a song of your own.




22: Sensions 

Infinite Creativity - Infinite Creative Inspiration

Your Mission: Create a work of Modern Energy Art in any modality based on a sension. 



23: Story Island 

Your Mission: Create YOUR World!




 24: Overview & Blessing

Course Review & Blessings!

Contains a complete list of tutorials & exercises.


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Text & Images © Silvia Hartmann 1993 - 2023. All Rights Reserved.