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The Messenger

The Messenger

The Messenger is one of my favourite designs of all time.

His message of "Your are not who you think you are." is one of those things, if you do personal development, that if you can get your head around it, changes many things, possibly even everything, and opens doors that would otherwise have remained not just locked but even, entirely invisible.

I actually had at some point the words "You are not who you think you are" written in big black letters above the light switch right next to my front door, where visitors, family, friends and myself would see it upon leaving the house.

There were a few innocent tradesmen who were quite a bit freaked out by that; an aunt or two; I always thought that this was one of the most soothing, freeing, and stress reducing things I've ever been told in my life.

Love the messenger, one day might produce purchasable posters ...


The Messenger by Silvia Hartmann

The Messenger by StarFields 2008

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