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Money Tree

Money Tree

This was originally a symbol painting on the topic of gold and green.

As so often happens, a squirt entered and exclaimed, "Hey, look, it's a tree! With gold on it! Is it a money tree? It's a magic money tree, right?"



As usual, the original acrylic painting stubbornly refused to be photographed so this is Money Tree the vector version for the web.




Money Tree

Aka Meditation On Gold & Green (!)


Money Tree Symbol Painting

Because of the shape of the canvas, to see it all at once on a computer screen this is about as good as it gets - for most people, 600 pixels is the limit of how high you can go.

Dearie me ...

Here's a bigger one.

Money Tree large

Money Tree - Meditation on Gold & Green by StarFields 2010. Vector version.


money tree prosperity symbol for website

* Need A Magic Money Tree?


Here is a tiny one to put in a SpaceNode block as an energy magic prosperity symbol.

Right click and save image as.

Blessings ...

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