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Mr Snadman

Mr Snadman

Here is "The Snadman." The Snadman comes to little children (or anyone else in need of a Snad at a nighttime!) and brings Snads. 

The Snads are very friendly, multicoloured and multi-dimensional beings who love to snuggle up with people in their energy systems. They start to purr very melodically, which is incredibly soothing, and their fur is absolutely delightful. They can snuggle up beautifully.

Snads make excellent nighttime companions and guarantee amazing dreams, potentially even safe astral travel.

Mr Snadman's reward is he helps people get a good night's sleep, and facilitates wonderful dreams, which the Snads sometimes tell him about in their own way. He makes them into stories, charms and pillow cases.
Mr Snadman, bringing many snads
So say hello everyone to Mr Snadman - and if you're in need of a Snad, just sing this little song ...

Mr Snadman, bring me a snad
make it the cutest that I've ever had
Green blue and pink
like flowers and clover
so that my lonely nights are over ...

Mr Snadman, bring me a snad
to make me happy and make me feel glad
so silky furry, and it purrs a song
it snuggles with me all night long!

Mr Snadman, thank you to thee
for bringing such a lovely snad to me
I close my eyes now and dream me a dream
it will be the best dream that I've ever seen!

Silvia May 2015
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