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My Pain Cartoon

My Pain Cartoon Vomiting out your pain onto a canvas (or onto the pages of a book) isn't art. It's not even art therapy, because it isn't healing. This is one of those things in the world of people that needs to change NOW. Because it doesn't heal, help or evolve anything at all. It just passes on the misery to the poor recipients of this pointless negativity. Doesn't do a thing for the artist either. Well, it does. It will destroy the artist if they keep on doing THAT.
My Pain - Cartoon Illustratrion Drawing by Silvia Hartmann 2016
My Pain - Cartoon Illustratrion Drawing by Silvia Hartmann 2016

Please note: The more often our little artist goes through that vicious circle cycle, the more damaged their energy body becomes.

Also, the more gory and extreme does the output become.

Further, let's think of the poor recipients who will get a blast of that misery as they encounter the pain filled object.

This goes across the modalities of art.

Here's the writer's version, spotted on Twitter/X in 2024:

My Pain, writer's version

Yeah, really ... destroying the writer, damaging the reader, and round and round it goes in the "fishtank of insanity."

We need to get people out of that. Our best people are trapped in this insanity.

We need them to CREATE THE SOLUTIONS!!!

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