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A Nara Looking At The Sun

A Nara Looking At The Sun

A Nara looking at the sun - a sculpture that created a symbol hybrid painting that created a Project Sanctuary pattern. And it isn't even finished yet ... :-)

Preface: July 10th, I was playing with some random patterns and a NARA jumped out at me. So much so, I highlighted it a little and posted it to the Modern Energy Art Masters Course, together with the explanation of what a NARA is - "not a rabbit, actually."

This refers to a Project Sanctuary pattern - when you meet a rabbit or really anything at all in the otherworlds, it's "not a rabbit actually" but something else, something more, something OTHER THAN "just an ordinary rabbit."

All the NARAs in the otherworlds are like that - they're more than, other than, and generally a hint from the energy mind that there is something to be discovered here ...

The "cloud watched" NARA from a photographic experience (slightly enhanced)


In the middle of the night 12 days later on July 22nd, something wanted to be sculpted.

I didn't know what it was but it needed to be done, and a few moments into making the skeleton for the sculpture, I knew immediately what it was - the NARA was back, and it *really* wanted to be made hard.

I must have started around 2am, and by 6am, the Nara was cooked, and I took some photographs.


Nara sculpture in the hand 1


Nara sculpture in the hand 2


Nara sculpture 1


Nara sculpture 2


Nara sculpture 3


I had the space in the morning to make a symbol hybrid vector of it, called "A NARA looking at the sun."

My partner commented, "That doesn't look like a rabbit."

"Aha!" I cried, "That's because it's NOT A RABBIT, ACTUALLY!"

And this gave me the thought that this is a delightful pattern.

We can make literally any type of NARA, a spirit version of anything at all, and make it our own, any shape, in any way we want to do that, and when someone comes along and says, "Well that doesn't look like (an elephant, a banana, a rabbit ...)" we can smile and say, "Ah ... that's because it's not a rabbit, actually ..." :-) :-) :-)

I wonder what I might like to make next, that isn't a (???), actually ...

PS. In the spirit world, the sun does not burn your eyes.


A Nara looking at the Sun

A Nara, looking at the sun. Symbol Hybrid Vector, Silvia Hartmann 2019

nara to colour in yourself

The Nara to colour in yourself (300dpi jpg)

The Nara meeting itself

The Nara meeting itself :-)


I haven't decided whether to cover my Nara or do anything else to it.

Time will tell.

TBC ...

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