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New Life Energy Charms Exhibition June 2019

New Life Energy Charms Exhibition June 2019

An exhibition of "wearable Modern Energy Art" created by Silvia Hartmann June 2019.

 Silvia Hartmann writes:

It came to pass that my life is changing for the better. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't at all bad before, but I am always keen to get to the next level!

This had many components, and many things happened, including starting a new Youtube Channel and also a German language Youtube Channel, and a group, and there came a moment where I became aware that I needed to make new charms.

So I did. And here they are!

* For the MEA friends:

They all had an overall Set Up of "New Life!" but I let my energy mind choose what the components, colours and materials involved were going to be. I did these in a deep trance, basically.

At some point, their meaning would come to me; sometimes during the making of them, sometimes much later (like the Cell Activator :-) which was a particular surprise.

All of these are meant to be worn, and used, for specific purposes and at specific times. They are energy objects.

Do EMO them, interesting energy experiences await!




Sun Blessed

This is the SUNSHINE charm - for when there's a need for a little extra golden, prosperous, life giving SUNSHINE energy :-)


Moon Blessed

The full moon is a time of particular power, but we can be Moon Blessed at any time if we want to be. Sometimes, a little mystic magic moon energy goes a very long way to expand horizons ...



"So the story tellers, they bind the universe and they are tradesmen, for it is often true that a story that is all too common on one world and deemed to be so ordinary, if told on another, will solve a puzzle of the ages, or be received just like the greatest and the shiniest of treasures."

Yes, on our world copper might not be so precious, but there are other worlds which treasure this most highly.

And then there's always that third law of the Covenant - The Preciousness.


Life Is A Festival

In the crazy, often WAY too humdrum existence in the 21st Century, we can absolutely forget that life is a festival - kicking up a real storm in every single cell, in every drop of water, everywhere and all the time. REMEMBER.


Life Force

The Life Force behind all creation is an astonishing energy. Sometimes, we just need a little more LIFE FORCE to become somewhat of a force of good in one's new life! :-)


Everything Counts, So Pay Attention!

Again, with our modern crazy, stressy, disconnected lives it's so easy to lose the plot and fail to NOTICE things - little things can be harbingers, messengers, of great big events to come; strange things can unlock old mysteries; suprises, negative reactions, old memories re-surfacing at an unexpected time. Everything counts, there is a bigger picture, and we can connect the dots if we pay attention.



The Eternal Spirit Party

Sometimes, life is dreary. Boring. Having to do stuff you'd rather not. Muppety stuff. But fear not! High above the clouds of human doings in Stressworld, there is an eternally ongoing spirit party taking place, and your higher aspects are of course, invited, and they can go there and have fun while we deal with the accountancy. Very useful! :-)


Deep Nature

"History ends in green ..." We are beings of nature, and for all our doings and machinations, literally, we remain beings of nature. Deep nature has our backs!


Dance Like There's Nobody Watching!

... in the widest metaphorical sense! Not being self conscious, self doubting but just "going ahead and doing your thing" is the perfect state of being, and it doesn't matter if that's work, or play, or something else altogether that needs us to really going for it and having a good time with it.


The Cell Activator (Der Zellaktivator)

A special surprise for me - I made this late at night and in a complete trance, cutting out bits of metallic foil and arranging it with The Click. Much later, when I was polishing it, the voice said loudly, in German, "ZELLAKTIVATOR!"

I was totally stunned by that. A Zellaktivator is an object from a German SciFi series called Perry Rhodan and the last time I ever thought of that word was 45 YEARS ago.

And here it was! The Zellaktivator in the story makes the wearer immortal.

I loved this so much, I turned it into a really fun Modern Energy Tapping pattern, to get all the cells of your body singing and dancing.



Creating A Space Where Miracles Are Allowed To Happen

The square is the Energy Symbol for "space" and creating a space for wonderful things to manifest is one of those things I like to do. In general, "creating space" for (...) is probably much more important than we know as yet.



Beautiful Memories

This is a two way thing. Firstly, we have all the beautiful memories of this lifetime, the "Treasures and Riches" we collect in this incarnation.

But secondly we have the reminder that it is our job to collect and create MORE Beautiful Memories. That's the task. Nothing else matters in the end.


Always Guided By The Great Creative Order

The Great Creative Order our best teacher and guide on how to do things right, as well as how not to do something.

Unlike human philosophies, religions and other fashions of art that come and go, the Great Creative Order totally knows what it's doing, and it works beautifully.

In moments of doubt it is good to remember that we (want to be!) always guided by the Great Creative Order.


All The Riches

Earthly wealth is NOTHING without the other kinds of riches, found in the many other dimensions of real reality.

Conversely, spiritual riches don't help you when you're dying of starvation in the gutter. You need food to continue with this incarnation, precious as it is.

Wanting ALL THE RICHES really is the perfect goal, and the perfect way forward.

PS: This may include riches we don't even know exist!!! :-)


Powerfully Passionate

Powerfully Passionate!

Allowing yourself to speak from the heart, to have powerful passions and fascinations, to not be afraid to be passionate about the things we love, well, that's the challenge!

What do we want? Not to upset anybody, ever? Gather lame likes on social media?

Passion is energy, it's life, it makes worth living, so let's turn it up to +10 and let's be POWERFULLY PASSIONATE! :-)


Oceans of Energy Wearable Charm by Silvia Hartmann

Oceans Of Energy!

In the original Oceans of Energy poem there is a line, "... enfolding all the creatures in its depth ..." In this charm in the blue green of EMO, we have little golden fish representing all the beings that live and dance in the Oceans of Energy.

I enjoyed making this one and I love it!


Deep Starlight

Bob Ross used to say, "There are no mistakes in art. Only happy accidents!"

This is one of those.

I wanted to make a starry, sparkly Starlight pendant but something went wrong and the majority of the stars "disappeared" in the black background.

I nearly threw it away when my hand was stayed, and I realised that there is such a thing as "deep starlight" - the mysterious stars so far away that we can no longer see them, but we can feel them, and they sing to our souls.

Now, it is perhaps one of my personal favourites and I can't wait to try it out.


Infinite Creativity

This is an evolution of the cell activator - now let's activate the non-physical components, wake them up and make them dance!

How far and wide does our energy system expand, really?

Is there an end to it at all?

Or is it simply just ... infinite creativity ... :-)



I hope you have enjoyed my "New Life" exhibition.

I thank you for your attention and wish you my best blessings, now and always.

With love,



Silvia Hartmann

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