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On a cool October night, I was drinking red wine and there were some people about who were interested in energy art, but didn't know much or anything about it.

We were in the smoker's corner of a pub in Hastings at the time, and I looked around and saw a word written in large letters on a blackboard.



I pointed to it and said, "Now imagine this was a piece of modern energy art, just the word, NOISE, on a big canvas.

"In energy art, we don't "look" at it. We ask ourselves, where do you feel that in your body? Show me with your hands."

There were five people and all of them immediately put their hands to their head.

Some pointed their fingertips at their temples, some put their flat hands over their ears, but all immediately could show where they felt the impact of that imaginary work of art in their body.

I felt it too, a pressure in my head, not so much around the ears but higher up, and as I know how to soften and flow such energies, I went ahead and did it.

And what had been a painful pressure of NOISE turned into a crowd, cheering loudly, like this:

And with that, a huge energy kick and a delightful energized end state, where you are just delighted and tingle all over.

Very cool!

It was neither the time nor the place to teach the good people there about EMO Energy In Motion, but it was good to have had them experience how you really judge art - not on all that poncy shit, waffling on about texture and the length of brush strokes, but the actual EMOTION - where you feel it, and what it does to you when you do.

And of course, and now that NOISE means APPLAUSE and vast crowds CHEERING, it's a perfect excuse to do a NOISE symbol hypbrid painting.

A good night out, you might say :-)

Will there be an update ...?



Yes, definitely! 

I really had to do this one - couldn't get it out of my mind. Loved it. Stayed up nights to finish it.

Now "Noise" is done!

Noise energy art painting by Silvia Hartmann flat on the table


 NOISE is done in "50 Shades of Black and Grey" with a liberal application of car paint glitter. Here seen drying flat on the table.  



"Noise" Symbol painting, acrylic inks and mixed media, 39" wide x 27" high, Silvia Hartmann 2016

A lot more sparkly in person, this painting is. Loving it. I have set a whole new standard for the meaning of, "My, how ... LITERAL ..." <G>


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