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Octo Day!

Octo Day!

When I heard that October 8th was World Octopus Day, I became very excited - and Octo arrived not long after ... and kept on coming :-)

It all started with the information that October the 8th is World Octopus Day!

I just went, "Whoohoo!" with an instant burst of delight and not much later, couldn't help but doodle myself an Octo :-)

Played with the image on the computer a little ...

And thought that would be it ...

But it wasn't.

I felt the need to make myself an Octo in 3D.

These are the legs for the starting point ...

Many fiddly-as-hell-hours later, and Octo was ready to be painted.

Wriggly fella! This was the story of, "You missed a bit!" x 88!

Finally, a completed Octo in 3D!

Silvia Hartmann with Octo Friend & Pendant

Aaah ... my little new best friend :-)

Shadow of the Octopus!

Two googly eyes and a smiley face later ...


Octo with its new friends - the Mens :-)

And you thought that might have been the end of it - but it still wasn't!


Literally in the middle of the night I woke up and realised that I could absolutely not go on living any longer if I didn't have an Octo Pendant!!!

As dawn broke, it was done ...

Photographed here on one of my Universal Progressions :-)

Star Octo! (There's a Star Octo waiting in the skies ... it'd like to come and meet us, but it thinks it blows our minds ... :-)


Had to be done! Octo & Octo! (and that reminds me of something from a very long time ago!)

And here's me, all happily modelling my brand new Octo Pendant!

Silvia Hartmann modelling the Octo Pendant :-)

"What's up with that???" more than one person asked me.

I don't know! Perhaps that's the shape of my soul.

When your energy mind wants something done, is fascinated by something, you have to literally go with the flow.

And I hear Octos are particularly good at that :-)


PS: When October 8th came, I celebrated World Octo Day with a variety of fun activities, the Octo Dance, some Modern Energy Tapping with Octo Energy! It was such fun, and so energizing!

The next day, I was rather sad that Octo Day was over - but then thought to myself, "If you want it to be so, every day can be Octo Day!"

And so it is!

Happy Octo Day and Night to you in time and space - always!

Silvia :-)

 Every Day is Octo Day!!! And every night is Octo Night!!!

Every day is Octo Day - and every night is Octo Night :-)

Octoday 2020!

Anyone who's been around for this very special year will know the insanity that was ensuing on all levels.

It was delightful to take a break and call in some Octo-Energy for a change. As you know, every day can be Octoday, so if you need cheering up, check it out in this live stream:

I was super busy with all sorts but as it got towards later that night, I felt the desire to do a little painting get out of control.

So I got the

fluorescents out and simply had a little Octofun.




Every Day Is Octo Day!

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