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Overcome By A Painting ...

Overcome By A Painting ...

I've heard tell that as a painter, the holy grail is to "get a reaction from the audience."

Well I can proudly report that a person had a nervous breakdown over one of my paintings and was "overcome by the painting" to the degree that they spent about an hour hyperventilating, trembling and crying ...

The person reported that at first, the painting made no sense. Then the lines and shapes started to move which caused energy to flow into them. They struggled against this until they were finally "overcome by the painting."


LOL ...

The person also said they'd been to many art galleries in major cities around the world and never had such a reaction or anything close to it before.

Cool ... :-)

Now we do have to take into account that this happened at an EMO conference and so the purists might say, "That doesn't count!" 

I'd say it's a start.

The flowing lines in symbol paintings are movements, energy movements, and the whole painting is a broadcaster, absolutely. You need to have your 6th sense in order so you can notice what goes on with these shapes which are really multi-dimensional and not flat at all, but if you do (have your 6th sense online) then you can "read" the painting.

And I guess some might find the story challenging; others might find it beautiful. Others still might find it perplexing. And for people who are energy blind, it's just a bunch of meaningless multicoloured squiggles.

That too is as it is, as they say.

In the meantime, I'm well happy and consider this person's response to be a step in the right direction.

Yeah folks art is supposed to MOVE you ...

Happy days,


Silvia Cool


This is the painting in question: Soften & Flow from 2004, aka "The EMO Symbol Painting." 

EMO Symbol Painting Soften & Flow by StarFields

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