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Every so often, we get to experience a real threshold shift - as a person, as an artist ... PLAY SPACE marks such a Star Event, and it resulted in a truly wonderful MEA object that sparkles in the sunshine :-)

Star Matrix 4, Unit 11 - the FUTURE GOALS. I felt compelled to do the exercises in this Unit, and it begins by asking for a future goal.

Many old goals passed by and I understood I had to find something new. What do I want? What do I need?

And the answer came literally in a bright white FLASH - SPACE. I need more SPACE!

I tried to find a picture to illustrate that sense of SPACE and found a photo of a brand new aircraft hangar that expressed this idea of having a PLAY SPACE to do anything you like within. It can be an art gallery, a skating track, a sound stage, a recording studio, and all of that ... whatever you want to do with it, essentially.


This sense of lightness, freedom and adventure, NEW BEGINNINGS, was such a delightful experience, I decided to make a SPACE art object to represent it, and it was very clear right away what that should be - black border, holographic border, and white SPACE inside.

Simple! As I had some holographic tape, I made SPACE and signed it to 26.3.21

Alas, something weird happened to the holographic tape - somehow it expanded overnight and became wibbly!

Oh no! But the soothing voice of Bob Ross came to mind, "There are NO MISTAKES, only HAPPY ACCIDENTS!"

Fair enough so ... As I had thought about the options to make this, I had considered constructing the holographic space from different types of holographic materials already. The tape came off nicely, and my aspects set out to make it so ...


The original SPACE had already obviously reminded me of the SPACE symbol from the Energy Symbols; but as the aspect was working through the night, fitting the little triangles into the frame, it finally dawned on her that the triangles are also an energy symbol, for ASPECT.

Oh my ... every single triangle was an aspect who had a Star Experience, a Star Event!

And all of them focus their energy and attention on the PLAY SPACE!

Now that's ... a goal setting picture like I didn't even know you could make.

Now all we needed was a little STAR DUST (also an energy symbol!) and ...

Here we have it!


When I first put it out into the garden in the sunshine to take a picture, I was literally blown away by it.

I could "see" all manner of things in the white space - so, so many possibilities!

And the whole thing is just so much fun. You cannot look at it and think of negative things.

PLAY SPACE has amazing energy!

(Note: If I feel like that about it after just having finished it, how will I feel in ten years from now? As time passes, I understand my pieces better and come to appreciate them more. That's curious and also deliciously NEW. It really does feel like "a new beginning." Whoohoo! :-) )

And it also had the effect that I got a little playful with the object and the camera :-)

An artist, casting a shadow :-)


It's a natural Marp theatre! :-)

"Marp?" - "Marp!!!" :-)


A very happy Silvia with her new PLAY SPACE!


PLAY SPACE by itself.

By all means, take a moment and tune in.

What would you place inside the PLAY SPACE ..?

What would you draw in there, what would you paint, what would you PROJECT?

Perhaps this object is like a magic wishing well ... :-)


Well, it's certainly a NEW BEGINNING.

We need to play more, and work and worry less.

Star Sparkles of infinite creativity to you!

with lots of love from

Silvia :-)

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