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Rose Symbol - The Mystical White Rose

Rose Symbol - The Mystical White Rose

The five petalled rose is a mystical super-symbol that turns up in just about every major esoteric mythology.

The rose is found in Christian symbology but also in many other places, including as the heraldic emblem of the place where I was born. Here is my version of the mystical White Rose in png.

Five Petal Rose, Christian Rose, Rose Symbol, Lippische Rose

The Mystical White Rose by Silvia Hartmann



* This symbol was created for The Jesus Meditations - a series of energy healing meditations for Christian child abuse survivors. They are available for free as is the accompanying texts/script book in pdf for survivors to check out it's safe before they use them.

Jesus Meditations text cover illustration




February 2023

We have many GoE members and trainers in Turkey, and this country was struck by a devastating earthquake in February of 2023, killing 50,000 people and displacing many, many more. A human castastrophe where no-one was left untouched.

To help the Turkish energists support their people, I wrote The Immortal Beloved, a bereavement healing protocol built on Modern Energy. This needed a badge to be uploaded to the systems, and the White Rose came back.

White Rose Immortal Beloved Badge

White Rose Immortal Beloved Badge


"The White Rose" symbolises heaven, paradise, The Garden of Eden in all major world religions, and to me that would be Sanctuary. A lovely human thing, that is.

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