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Some time ago, I sent someone a The Gift and it was a Seahorse. First time that I can recall I had any dealings with this particular creature or metaphor, as the case may be ...

Here is my seahorse drawing, the symbol hybrid, and a seahorse vector version, plus a couple of cute animated seahorses and a seahorse to print out for coloring in.

Seahorse Pencil Drawing

Seahorse original pencil drawing Silvia Hartmann March 2012 

It always starts with an original pencil drawing and the seahorse is no exception ...


Seahorse original outlines Silvia Hartmann March 2012




Seahorse Vector Drawing

Seahorse Vector Version Silvia Hartmann March 2012

I didn't have time to paint the seahorse but I had a computer handy so I made the vector version from the drawing.

Here is the seahorse in basic vector ai to download: Seahorse Vector .AI


The real Seahorse painting is a symbol hybrid - it would have to be, wouldn't it :-)

I finally got a slot in the calendar to finish it today 21.3.2012.

As usual, the photo doesn't do it justice.


Seahorse - Symbol Hybrid Painting

Seahorse symbol hybrid painting Silvia Hartmann March 2012

When I "color in" the squares, I have particular gemstones in mind - malachite, turquoise, lapis lazuli. The pearls in the seahorse's spine stand out nicely and the opalescent paint on the seahorse's body was abalone and mother of pearl. Make this for real it would cost a fortune :-)


Seahorse For Coloring In

Here is a seahorse if you'd like to color in your own. It's a lovely, meditative activity and can be as magical as you want it to be. For interest, I looked up the standard magical properties of seahorses but they're really lame. Seahorses are magical creatures. They are improbable, charming, enchanting. When the hard gets to be just a little too hard, I'd say seahorses would be a wonderful antidote. I certainly found it to be so.

Seahorse 4 coloring in seahorse to print out for colouring in


Seahorse Animation



Seahorse animated for white background Seahorse animated for black background

Seahorse animated gif

for white background

Seahorse animated gif

for black background


And there we have it. Seahorses for everyone :-) who needs a little magic

Silvia Hartmann March 2012

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