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Silvia's Sunflowers

Silvia's Sunflowers

I found a wooden box at the dump. It was very well used and contained a few small tubes of old oil paint. Before I even saw it, my spider sense took me to it, and when I touched it, I had a strong sensation of an artist who had loved to paint, especially landscapes and flowers. They must have died because they would have never thrown that box away whilst they had something to say about it.



I brought it home and asked myself what to do with these oils, how to honour the artist to whom they had belonged.

Into my mind flashed a painting of sunflowers. I was brought up in Germany in a pub which had been located at the crossroads of the old medieval post roads. When I was very young, there had been an artist there who paid his bar tab with paintings. Landscapes and flowers. We had many of these, but the biggest one was a painting of bright sunflowers on a dark background, in a big golden frame.

And that's when I decided to do a tribute to my unknown artist, and all other unknown artists - Silvia's Sunflowers. A pure symbol painting using the oils from the old box - and my love and admiration. <3

Energy painting abstract sunflowers on a dark background

"Silvia's Sunflowers" Oils on Canvas, 40"x30" 2016/2017


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