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Sketching Star Memories For Star Matrix: The Boy In Spain

Sketching Star Memories For Star Matrix: The Boy In Spain

I strongly encourage everyone to make a sketch of special Star Memories, because it helps the recollection and also brings the non-verbal layers of us into play. You don't have to be able to draw to do that. Placing the main components is enough, and that creates a fascinating kind of "snap shot" you can hold in your hands, and understand more about that Star Memory. Here's an example, "The Boy In Spain."

The original Star Story of The Boy In Spain:

A 17  year old aspect went on a holiday to Spain with a class mate and her family for a week. Every day they would all go down to the beach, put down the towels, and lie there all day long until the sun went down. They just lay there. Like sardines. Oiled themselves every so often, turned round, and then lay there some more. My poor aspect was going INSANE with the boredom!

So she started building a miniature world in one corner of the beach which was a cove surrounded by black rocks from bits of garbage and driftwood. Soon, some kids joined her and brought their toys, little horses and dolls, and over the week, the thing grew quite epically, to the point that tourists were taking pictures of it.

I think the Star Moment in that long story was when the first little child, a boy of perhaps 6 years old, came and asked if he could play with me, and he held out a toy horse and looked at me all sincerely and sweetly with his big eyes. Aaah ... xxx

Into the Book of Stars it goes!

293: The Boy & The Toy Horse in Spain - 1976, Age 17 :-)


What you do with a Star Memory is to find the MOMENT inside the Star Story, and in this case it was when the little boy with his horse turned up and asked to play with me.

When I focused in on that moment, I had the absolute desire, perhaps even need, to draw a quick sketch, on a raggedy bit of paper I use for making notes by the side of my computer. So I did.

Original drawing

As you can see, it's not a "clever drawing," simply the main components placed where they needed to go, the boy with his sparkling eyes, the little toy horse, the beach, the water and as I was about to put the pen down, there was the insistance to put in the people on their blankets on the other side of the cove.

As I stood and looked down at the sketch, it occurred to me that the people on their blankets and towels looked like a graveyard! That made me laugh. Sleepers. God bless them all ...

Again, I thought I was done with it, but now, it wanted to be coloured in. I decided to do that digitally from a photo of the original sketch, which produced this "memory snapshot" ...

Memory holiday snapshot Star Memory Sketch boy in spain

The Boy In Spain :-)

 I shared the picture with the Star Matrix Masters group, but it still was not enough. I printed it out.

Memory holiday snapshot Star Memory Sketch boy in spain with Silvia Hartmann

So now, I am holding the memory snapshot in my hand.

I don't know what this is, or why it needed to be done in this sequence, but it did.

Now I am writing an article and I took the photo selfie there just now.

There is something inside that wants me to pay attention to this process; to pay special attention to this Star Memory; it's telling me there is something here I need to know, and I mustn't walk away from it.

I'll have to investigate further; take it into Sanctuary and move the story along in some way.

In the meantime, the excuse to post the image here and interact with the whole thing further is that sketching Star Memories produces a very unique and specific record of Star Events; and particularly in cases where there cannot possibly be any photographs, such as the Star Dreams, or the Missing Events, this might be highly valuable to add to the story of our lives.

Perhaps in the future, we can stand in a virtual space and create these with hand gestures - the sun was there, the beach was like this, the boy was here, make his eyes more starry ... to produce entire photo-albums of our lives to share with others. Who is to know where Star Matrix will go?

For any artist, Star Memories are the perfect inspiration, or jump off point to create powerful, personal, positive art like no other ...

Now that's a TBC if I've ever met one!


Silvia Hartmann

May 9th, 2021



One early morning, an aspect got up and found that the 2 year old squirt was missing from his bedroom. Alarmed, she went downstairs and found a sight upon entering the kitchen - the squirt in its pyjamas had managed to climb onto the work surface, get the biscuit tin, managed to open said biscuit tin, and was with utter delight raiding said biscuit tin!

The squirt was radiantly happy, literally grinning from ear to ear. It raised a half eaten biscuit triumphantly and shouted, "THE ROBBER DID IT!

Cartoon of a kid stealing biscuits by Silvia Hartmann

The fact that you can draw a snap shot of a memory with a few strokes (I did that on a touchpad in a line drawing program!) is just wonderful. An amazing photo album could result. So many uses for this ... I love Star Matrix.

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