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Soul Matters 2023

Soul Matters 2023 I am editing the hard copy version of The Power of the Positives, which is based on a sequence of 12 live videos recorded to keep spirits up during the 20/22 times. It occurred to me to add Modern Energy Art to the book, in the chapter headings, and that set off a sequence of interesting events.
Even the eBook, right from the start, had my "Dance With Your Soul" painting on the first page, because that is inextricably linked to the Power of the Positives project.

Front page of POP

I wanted people to see that this was actually a real painting, not just a digital illustration, so I took my provenance picture and played with it until it clicked.

Alien In The Hard
Alien In The Hard

This was the chapter heading No. 1, and as I went through them, my dear Energy Mind flashed me up which picture went with which chapter and topic.

When it came to Chapter 3, "Expanding The Positives," I got a huge surprise. My EM flashed up a painting from 2014 which back then my aspects really did not like, feeling strongly that it wasn't good enough, and that they had not done the subject justice. "Soul Unfoldment."

Soul Unfoldment 2014

That really was an extraordinary experience. I've made literally thousands of MEAs which I love and treasure, and the ONE my EM wants me to use is the one I thought was so sub standard, I don't even know where it is right now?

I went on a quest to find a photo of the painting, managed to locate it, and I know exactly why the aspect wasn't happy with it. The Soul Star in the centre, inspite of having packed it with glitter and all sorts, just isn't shiny enough.

At that time, the aspect hadn't figured out the holographics for "soul matter" representation - but she had tried with what she had at the time.

And come one, you can't paint the soul! Or the heavenly light!

Which brings us right to the Star Memory of telling that artist back in 2003, "You can't paint the sky!"

The aspect knew that but was still bitterly disappointed with the painting.

I am standing next to her, outside the studio at the bottom of my garden where the picture was taken, and I am telling her, "It's here. You did it. You painted it. It's what I need for my book right now. It's perfect."

She turns around to me and struggles with it for a moment, then she says, "You can't paint the sky!" and starts laughing.

I show her my "Dance with your soul!" photograph-construct and she says, "That's so much better, that's awesome!"

I say, "It's the exact same thing. We're trying our best, and that's all we can ever do."

We smile at each other, agree and both of us reach out our hands at the same time.

We connect ...

(Some happy tears later ...)

What an amazing experience! Something wonderful has happened here, and I am proud to put that picture into the book now.

Soul Unfoldment In Expanding The Positives
Soul Unfoldment In Expanding The Positives

And the moral of the tale?

This is a Star Matrix thing. Sending me the one picture that had been rejected as not being good enough, and giving me an opportunity to do something with it, transform it into something beautiful, was absolutely amazing, as it was surprising.

I have written and spoken so much about how we must understand that each and every aspect does their best, not to "criticise" their efforts, to celebrate each and every work of art that was done with an honest heart as unique, precious and beloved, yet with "Soul Unfoldments" I fell down in doing that. I am so relieved this has been corrected, and surely, this must be a wonderful thing for this artist going forward.

And of course ... art is from the soul, and it's also FOR the soul.

Even if we can't paint the soul. It's the attempt that matters.

With lots of love to all artists, all aspects, all time and all space, from Silvia. x

Keep asking questions!Keep asking questions.

I posted the Alien In The Hard image to social media and something quite unexpected happened. 

Alien In The Hard plus social media comments

This is the first time I got a flat out WOW response from social media and I'm fascinated by this. And most certainly can no longer say that "Nobody likes my art!"

How and why it is so that this composite image gets a so much better response than the original painting, or the original image of me holding the painting, is unclear. May it be because it is directly tied to a Star Event and has this clear cut message of, "If you want to escape the Hard, get in touch with your soul."?

I don't know. Perhaps the time is finally right, it doesn't matter. It was a wow for me to see the comments, a Star Moment, so blessings to everyone who clicked with the energy. This gives me hope! :-)

A few days after this, I made a similar image, with The Golden Horse, with a prison background this time. The Golden Horse is my embassador/metaphor for imagination, fantasy and all things Sanctuary (all things holy!), and in particular linked to the Fairy Tales. I had a Star Event with that only yesterday and there's a project coming, The Fairy Tale Formula. 

Golden Horse Fairy Tale Formula Image
Escape The Prison Of The Hard

Escaping the prisons of the Hard to go into fantasy world is essential to keep sane as a human being. It's non-negotiable; it's not something luxurious or additional. Escaping into fantasy is as essential to human health and well being as is Vitamin C. It is time we acknowledge this and act accordingly. TBC.  

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