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Soul Pilot

Soul Pilot

Whilst doing work on the transfer of my magic site, I came across this picture for the front cover of the soul pilots book.

This was really one of those things. It is challenging to make things simple, childish, childlike and have the guts to stay with that. The Soul Pilot is a really childish, simple line drawing and yet it is perhaps the only one of all the works of art I've done that has the power to move me to tears when I tune into it.

That feeling of taking someone in your arms and wrapping yourself around them, and all you ARE is love, and protection, and shield, and haven, rescue, totally unconditionally.

I tried to show that feeling and this is the best I could do then, and I doubt I could do any better now.

So it has to be good enough.

Here's my ...


Soul Pilot

Childish line drawing to express emotion of protectionSoul Pilot, 2007




This image was done for the book cover of The Soul Pilots. Free first part of the book here.

There is a symbol painting called The Soul Pilots which was done around the same time in acrylics.

A visit from April 2022: I was clearing out some old folders and came across the original concept drawing, made late at night in November of 2007. I posted it on social media and made the comment, "It still moves me." It does. It's modern energy art.

Soul Pilots original concept pencil sketch


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