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Space Squid

Space Squid

The Space Squid is one of three symbol paintings that all happened very quickly within the spate of two days. I'm not giving the set up away; suffice to say it had really nothing to do with space squids.

And in the "swan" orientation, it's quite a different story ...

Space Squid

(Vector Version)


 Space Squid symbol painting by Silvia Hartmann



As is usual with symbol paintings, if you change the orientation, you change the story.


Space Squid - Swan Orientation


space squid symbol painting - swan orientation



Turn it through 90' again and we have ...


Space squid take off orientation



... and one more time for the fourth orientation ...


Space squid, fourth orientation




Space Squid - Vector Drawing of original symbol painting in acrylics on canvas (c) StarFields 2010.

All Rights Reserved.

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