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Sparkly Mermaid

Sparkly Mermaid

The Sparkly Mermaid - an energy art symbol hybrid painting.

I received a commission for a sparkly mermaid in turquoise.

The drawing of the (energy art power-) lines turned out interesting. There is some serious geometry going in this energy design.

The Sparkly Mermaid inhabits a zone where the deep meets the surface ...

Sparkly mermaid drawing

Sparkly Mermaid Geometry

  After much layering, sparkling and lacquering, here is the Sparkly Mermaid in the sunshine.

Sparkly mermaid energy painting on an easel in the garden

Sadly, what the human eye sees is not what the camera sees.

In order to get a sense of just how sparkly this Sparkly Mermaid is, I had to de-focus the camera.



So you have to try and imagine what this really looks like ...

Original energy painting Sparkly Mermaid photograph which doesn't do the original any justice at all

Here's a vector version. Nothing as sparkly as the original!

Sparkly mermaid vector version

Little girl owner and her sparkly mermaid

And here's the happy recipient with her new painting. Happy Birthday!

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