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Spirit Doll Wild Tansy

Spirit Doll Wild Tansy

A spirit doll is more like a statue of St Michael than it is a voodoo doll - it is a representation of a spirit in humanoid form to make it easier to have a relationship with that spirit (for a human being). Only, a spirit doll being handmade, is of course on a totally different level of intimacy for the person compared to looking at something that someone else made a long time ago.

Fashioning a humanoid figure with your own hands is of course one of THE primal art experiences, and one which opens the door to many, many other things, spirit dolls being just one example of that.

Here is an example of a spirit doll - Wild Tansy, a female nature spirit who came to me in a vision whilst I was ill.

The original spirit doll article can be found here:


Wild Tansy Spirit Doll


 spirit doll wild tansy

Wild Tansy November 2009


spirit doll wild tansy portrait




 owned a pub and were always amused by new people, taking up pub leases because they liked to drink a lot of beer, saying, "Making money from a pub is a piece of piss - hahn auf, hahn zu, und du bist reich!"

Roughly translated, tap open, tap shut, and you're rich.

Running a pub is a huge amount of all sorts of varying work, from stock taking to events organising, from keeping the users happy to getting new ones, constant cleaning, scrubbing, ironing, handling staff, getting very good at book keeping and really none of it has to do with the drinking of the beer or partying with the users.

This thing is known in our house as the hahn auf hahn zu illusion, you see it everywhere (one of our current favourites is the masterchef "little bistro gastro pub by the sea and before breakfast, I catch my own lobsters ..."!!!)

Building a website and getting paying users is a pathway and a business that demands a sackload of skills along the way.

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