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The Spirit Of Prosperity - and the Sun Blessing for the MirrorMan :-)

The Spirit Of Prosperity - and the Sun Blessing for the MirrorMan :-)

There could not be a better example of how deeply integrated Modern Energy Art is in all my processes, how energy and creativity belong together, and how wonderful life can be when it really flows :-)

At this time, every Sunday at 10am UK I host a live show on Youtube, "The Energy Show - Sunday Live with Silvia."

I enjoy finding out what I will be talking about each week, because it gives my dear Energy Mind an opportunity to present me with ideas and insights, and gain clarity on various things by talking them over with my live participants.

I normally get a sense of where I want to be going, at least enough to schedule the broadcast and make a thumbnail, by Saturday lunch time, but on this occasion, I got nothing.

Nothing at all. Total silence. This was disturbing and went on all day, until finally at around 1am I got a spark of inspiration in the form of a love random JWildfire fractal, which I immediately identified as being "The Orb of Prosperity."

 Orb of Prosperity in gold on a purple background

Orb of Prosperity

Imagine you are in an ancient dry and dusty land, wandering amid the ruins of buildings, entering into a sand filled hall through a great doorway and something glints and catches your eye. You go inside and brush away the sand of ages, and there it is ... you have found the Orb of Prosperity ...

I was entranced, excited and fully awake now, and could sense there was something else. You don't just put the Orb of Prosperity into your pocket ... it is an ancient magical machine that has a purpose, that does things ...

One single mutation of the original fractal and there it was ... the minute I saw it I knew it was ...

The Spirit of Prosperity Fractal Being in gold by Silvia Hartmann

The Spirit of Prosperity


Wow! And immediately, I heard what it was saying:

I am the spirit of prosperity.

I am light,

I am golden,

I am rich and never poor.

I own all the power,

I own all the beauty,

I own all the love

now and forever.

I am the spirit of prosperity.

I am your soul.

SFX Jan 22


 It was by now very late but I had to go and make this into a talking being video short. I could not not do that.

Quite a few hours later, and we had ...


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By now, it's morning and I go to set up the studio for the Energy Show.

I'm just scheduling the broadcast and all of a sudden, there are sparkles of light all around me!

What's that?

I turn around and see that the tiniest gap in the black out curtains all the way across the room has led in a single beam of light, and it has directly struck my MirrorMan!

Wonderful moment, Star Moment, that made me just smile and be delighted, the sun has blessed the MirrorMan this morning!

And it blessed me too - really raised my energy ready for a wonderful Sunday Live show featuring my spirit of prosperity.

I love it when that happens ... :-)

Mirroman sunlit set up


MirrorMan being Sun Blessed by the Universe!

 Star Matrix is the way! :-)


 The full Energy Show:

The Spirit of Properity


During the Energy Show, I had a flash up of a story, which I wrote down as a HypnoDream on

It's a lovely story so I decided to record it as a full spoken HypnoDream for GoE Members.

It can be found here:

As I was adding a video background to this recording, I got such powerful flash ups of the key moments in the story. It got to the point that I couldn't stand it anymore.

I had to stop and make a quick sketch of the moment when the orb is discovered in the ancient city.


 Orb Flash

Orb Flash Moment

It is such a wonderful thing to be able to make s Star Matrix sketch, Modern Energy Art style, of something that was seen in Sanctuary.

This was quite an unfoldment altogether, quite wonderful.

SFX Feb 2022


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