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Star Dream: Cotton Candy

Star Dream: Cotton Candy

Star Dream: Cotton Candy is a Star Matrix inspired work of Modern Energy Art that was instrumental in being able to "tackle" The Blessed Child, and the breakthrough I needed to first get to PLAYSPACE and then to create TBC.

The Star Dream Story:

Star Matrix Stars & Cotton Candy

Post by Silvia » Sat Mar 13, 2021 9:00 pm

I was sitting in a street cafe in Pertineri Market with a friend, enjoying the early spring sunshine, the buzzing market and having some delicious Pertineri Spring Wine when we noticed there were people coming through with holographic Star Matrix stars on sticks. Kids and adults alike, they were loving them, smiling, and eating them!

So we got up and went to investigate, and found a trader who was spinning the holographic Star Matrix stars onto the sticks like candyfloss! There was a long, long line of people waiting for their freshly spun stars - wow!

I have to say, I was mind-boggled by that.

Who is this trader?

Why, it's one of my friends, a gentleman by the name of Max. He's beaming and when he sees us, beams even more although I would have thought that was quite impossible! He waves to us and we go to see the magic Star machine, a fine holographic filament spinning up from the centre, and he's got a big bag of stardust he pours in every so often to make more star thread which he spins into these shimmering, all-colours-sparkling stars he exchanges for a coin with his users.

I am completely astonished by this whole thing. But it is lovely to see all these happy beings, young and old alike, enjoying their stars and making this a part of their Pertineri Market experience. It is then I notice that those who had eaten their stars were a little bit more sparkly because of it. You didn't even have to shift your point of view to see the little sparkles in their eyes, in their hair and on their skins. So cool!

Max has created two stars and he holds them out to me and my friend. "First in the queue, you invented them, after all!" he laughs and hands them over.

I look a the shimmering, swirling "star" before me, like a super complex, living symbol painting and carefully extend the tip of my tonge to taste it.

Oh my! Fresh, lively, like sparkling lemon sorbet, these stars are soooo tasty! It makes me giggle and smile, and every taste of it is new, different, like tasting the many colours, delicious lime green, luscious red and extravagant purple - this is truly, the best thing I've ever tasted!

Me and my friend snaffle up our stars, look at each other and laugh out loud - yes, we've definitely become more sparkly! What an awesome treat!

Every market in every town in every land needs one of those Star Matrix machines :-) Put the sparkle back into the people of the lands. Max looks at me and smiles, nods - he's right and I am really delighted that he came up with that.

Aaah ... Project Sanctuary really is a ... ... ... gift.


Star Dream: Cotton Candy


 Close Up 


star candyfloss with silvia hartmann


On May 4th, 2021, Star Candy Floss found its new home & owner, Alex Kent.

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May it bring fun, happiness and joy for many years to come! xxx

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