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Star Matrix Is The Cure

Star Matrix Is The Cure

Sometimes, and especially just recently, works of art take on a life of their own. This happened with this "message in a bottle" ... 

The Golden Question was one of the two "magic bottle artefacts" I found; one went on an existing golden background, and this one, which is back coated with silver, got a black super sparkly starry universe background instead. 

As with the Golden Question, although I love both the bottle and the background, I didn't think that much of it; I felt it was missing something, perhaps a frame or some symbols, but as I couldn't decide, I went for completing it as it was by adding the resin layer. 



It sat on the table, awaiting its fate, whilst Golden Question produced a Star Event for me and got all the attention. 

During the night from May 31st to June 1st, I played with a photograph of the Star Bottle, with the thought of perhaps using it in some way for the Star Matrix Day celebration, and made the following image, which I then did not use in the end:

Digitally enhanced photograph/design in the night ... 

As I said, I didn't use it in the end, still unsure of the image, the MEA, or what was going on with it, so I went to bed. 

Next morning, there was another glorious sunrise, and it was Star Matrix Day.  

As I had nothing else to take outside, I took the bottle on the starry background (still nameless at this point) for its own sunrise moment. 

First Sunrise for (?) June 1st (Star Matrix Day!) ~ 5am

So that was nice, and it was Star Matrix Day, but I still didn't know what it was called and still didn't feel it was quite complete in some way. 

Until ... 

It occurred to me to try and catch some light through the bottle, which is transparent and that doesn't show when you photograph it from the front. 

I held it sideways and ... 

Oh my! It's a ... message in a bottle, floating on the universal ocean!

 I am absolutely fascinated by "magic bottles" and the messages in bottles ... see here: and the connection between this and the MEA was instant and powerful - what's the message in THIS bottle?

Yeah and there came the answer, loud and clear, "Star Matrix is the Cure."

That's what it said, and that's the title of this MEA. 

Now having worked in the healing business for decades now, I have been entrained to be terrified of the word CURE, and that we are never to use it, never to talk of it, never to promise this thing. 

Yet, here it was, here it is. I've put a question mark behind it in the title of this article, and I am happy to title the work officially with a question mark attached, for we might well ask ...

"What is Star Matrix the CURE for ...?" 

And in asking this question, we may bring back the word and the concept of a CURE, which I believe needs to be there in order to be able to first seek it and then find it. 

So there we have it. A Star Event of the mysterious kind, and the MEA has its name, and is now ... activated? Well, it's complete. It needs nothing more. 

Tomorrow, I'll take a fresh "provenance picture" with it :-) 


"Star Matrix Is The Cure?" with The MirrorMan


Tomorrow's picture :-)

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