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The Starry Night Flavoured Lollipop

The Starry Night Flavoured Lollipop

In Sanctuary, many wonderful healing things exist that cannot be had in any other way. In the cottage in the woods, we find the Starry Nights flavoured lollipop!

When you travel through the night forest for some time, you will find a golden lit cottage in the woods. 

Cottage In the Woods Oil Painting by Silvia Hartmann 2006

Cottage In The Woods, Silvia Hartmann 2006, Oil on Canvas


There, a healer will give you a special energy lollipop. 

This one, the first one, was "Starry Nights Flavour."

Absolutely delicious!

Starry Nights flavoured lollipop by Silvia Hartmann

The Starry Nights flavoured Sanctuary Lollipop, Silvia Hartmann 2006


Tip; Go into Sanctuary and find the cottage in the woods. What flavour will you be given ...?

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