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Story Island

Story Island

One of my favourite "Bonus Paintings" was Story Island (B) and it is true, I could not wait to get the space to create a full size symbol hybrid painting - Story Island. 

There isn't a major meta story (like Game of Thrones or Lord of The Rings) that doesn't have a map with it. 

And there's nothing more delicious and delightful than a map of an island, perhaps a treasure island ...?

"Story Island" is absolutely about fantasy, imagination, Project Sanctuary, SuperMind - if I'd had that on the wall in my bedroom as a child, oh my, what adventures would have been had!

I did have a colourful quilt though and this symbol hybrid painting is a form of homage to it. 

Story Island Painting, like a map of Story Island seen from above

Story Island, Symbol Hybrid painting, Mixed Media on canvas, 30"x40" Silvia Hartmann 2016

A visitor saw it and asked me about Story Island; I explained and told them "If you look very carefully, you can see the tiny ships in the bay."

Story Island Detail

Story Island - Detail

They squinted and looked. I had to apologize for my jest as there are no tiny ships in the bay, but that's the whole deal with Story Island. You can imagine you are flying above it, but you can zoom in and land anywhere, and adventures will be had :-)

This painting speaks ot so many of my favourite things, and it sparkles too. Oceans of adventures, riches and treasures await. Stories will be told ...

I love modern energy art! :-)

Story Island & Story Island B on the easel

Story Island and Story Island (B) together



A tropical cocktail coloured island in a blue green sea - with sparkling gold on the shores, in the mountains ... 

A map drawn by the energy mind ... 

How many adventures await here? What stories could be told? What a FABULOUS re-unification of the art of painting and drawing, colours and shapes full of energy, energy movements, ... 

... and the art of story? 

How truly magical is that? 

What a wonderful experience. 

And so easy, a four year old could do it. A three year old ... 

I would love to have people come in and show them how to do their very own Story Island. And at the end, they take the painting home and then they can have endless adventures, discover the world beyond if willing, or keep it as a sanctuary. 

Write stories, make movies. I am *sick to death* of the endless re-iterations of Peter Pan. 

More. Better. Brighter. More colorful. More sparkling. More accessible, more available. 

In 20 years from now, there will hundreds, perhaps thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people playing this game in energy, art and magic. 

I wish it was NOW.


story island spinning globe animated gif

Story Island spinning globe animated gif :-)

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