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Strange Alien Colourful Creatures

Strange Alien Colourful Creatures

A collection of colourful creatures with energy and messages all of their own - stimulating the imagination, flowing free ... :-) Silvia Hartmann, October 2017

Lion creature multicoloured head sort of thing

ROAR! Silvia Hartmann 2017

Jellyfish sort of a creature thing in many colours

FLOAT! Silvia Hartmann 2017



Strange colourful creature with big feet getting ready to leap forward (I think)

Gathering Power - Silvia Hartmann 2017


Strange birdlike creature or many creatures being very elegant LOL

With Elegance - Silvia Hartmann 2017



Strange surfers, bikers, birds and creatures ...

Everything's in Motion - Silvia Hartmann 2017



Strange little primal animal in primary colours

Animal Energy - Silvia Hartmann 2017


A little multicolour bird like creature on a black background

Sing & Soar! Silvia Hartmann 2017


Abstract thing made up of many colours pointing right

Intention - Silvia Hartmann 2017



Strange ducklike creature running like an egyptian to the left

The Runner - Silvia Hartmann 2017


Multicolour alien squirrel thing begging for nuts?


Expectations - Silvia Hartmann 2017


Colourful fish on a black background

Colour Fish - Silvia Hartmann 2017


Colourful abstract movement

Alive! Silvia Hartmann 2017


Happy dancing alien duck creature

Happy Duck Creature - Silvia Hartmann 2017

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