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Symbol Hybrids - Compromise Or Evolution?

Symbol Hybrids - Compromise Or Evolution?

Oooh what an artist's dilemma!

There's the pure art, the really meaningful stuff, where you know what you are doing and you're the best you can be as a good, honest artist ... and then folk say, "What the f***k is that? Which way up is it supposed to be? Is that a beansprout or a surfboard?"

So then you make a joke - a painting with a great big yellow duck on it, to show them the error of their ways.

And what happens next?

Public acclaim! Sales! Applause! Positive feedback!

Aaaaargh ...

Welcome to the world of my Symbol Hybrid paintings ;-/


Symbol Hybrid Paintings

To recap, an original symbol painting is more or less one single unbroken line that defines a multidimensional movement through time which is specific and the *answer* to a question that was put to the energy mind, which created the symbol painting and chose the colors.

Such as this one:


Autumn Forests Painting - Symbol Painting by StarFields

Autumn Forests by StarFields - A "traditional" and pure Symbol Painting


So that's a real symbol painting.

Here's the Yellow Duck, the first ever Symbol Hybrid:


Yellow Duck Symbol Hybrid

Yellow Duck by StarFields


So that's the Yellow Duck - the first ever official symbol hybrid of the modern Art Solutions era.

A symbol hybrid starts out with a shape of something recognisable in the middle of the canvas and you put in the flowing lines afterwards, then colour in as normal.

You still have to hold the contract or original Art Solutions set up in mind, and the lines develop as they will as before, but you end up with duck instead of the mysterious shapes that seem to move by themselves if you look at them long enough.

Now, folk want me to do more symbol hybrids.

I don't know how I feel about that.

Symbol hybrids are easy to do and you can end up with a standalone design that is useful for putting on T-Shirts and coffee mugs.

They are still energy objects, of course they are, and transmit certain energy forms.

But they are not as subtle as the "real" symbol paintings, and for me as the artist or shaman who creates them, not as satisfying. The things I feel, sense, experience in the process of creating a pure symbol painting are much further reaching, more complex, more involved, more abstract and much more challenging than assembling the variables of Taurus The Bull, for example.


Symbol Hybrid based Taurus Design

Taurus The Bull Design from Symbol Hybrid Painting


Thing is, I like Taurus. I like the painting and I like the design.

I can understand that people find it easier to relate to the symbol hybrids too.

And I can see the commercial value in designs such as Taurus which are of course not inherent in the pure symbol paintings.

I think I'll have to rescue myself from the conflict by once again remembering that the pure symbol paintings are the haute couture, and the symbol hybrids the "ready to wear" version, and that it is ok to have that movement from pure art to what is accepted and commercially useful as aspects of one's work.

As long as I remember that the pure symbol paintings are where it's at if you are looking for original pathways, new ideas, changes and subtle energy generators and paint some of those as well as fulfilling commissions for symbol hybrids, my artistic soul can stay intact and the incarnation can stay on track :-)

And so, to make me a pure symbol painting now, I haven't done one in a while, and brace for the looks of disappointment when I show it to the nearest and dearest who were hoping for a happy pig, a dolphin or a spacenode spider ...

Silvia :-)

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