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The 1st Symbol Drawing - A Star Matrix Story

The 1st Symbol Drawing - A Star Matrix Story

Note: This article was added 2021-01-07 but today I am going to put it into the timeline and re-date it to 2002-01-11 where it belongs.  I am astonished that the 1st Symbol Drawing isn't on this site yet. The very first symbol painting was MirrorBall Messages, which was done by tracing the movements of a spot of light, and then colouring in the segments this produced. But to create your own "path of light," and never mind to use that in order to bring about a significant change in the energy system, well, that's a big leap, and that came with the 1st Symbol Drawing. Here's the story!

It is the winter of 2002, and the aspect is distraught. There is a strange but serious and extremely powerful love affair going on as well as all sorts of other chaos, including moving house. It is late at night, the aspect is just exhausted, sitting at the kitchen table and there is a notepad and a pen to hand, there always is.

She asks very seriously for something to HELP.

Fascinatingly, and in slow motion, the right marp (aka "hand") picks up the pen and begins to draw something on the pad - a slow looping line.

The aspect watches this in fascination, and then to her utter amazement, finds that the unfolding line is changing her energy state PROFOUNDLY - there are energy movements all through the body, like slow flowing amber, heavy sensations that begin to lighten as the line continues to unfold on the paper, and when it is complete, after no more than 45 seconds but they were in total slow motion, the aspect's energy state was completely different.

She was amazed, wide awake, tingles starting up, energy starting flow, fast and faster. She jumped up and could NOT wait to colour it in, did that, and then spent the entire night asking for blessings, Positives as we call them now, and drew many, many symbols.

But this one is the first one.

Wow. I am endlessly astonished just how blessed I've been in this life to ... discover just wonderful things.

The amount of JOY that has flowed from this original experience in my life - I just can't begin to even calculate that. So so many happy hours, so many amazing surprises, so many wonderful thoughts and delights, laughter, new ideas - it's just mindblowing what a really good Star Event can do for a person!!!! YES PLEASE UNIVERSE I'M SO READY FOR MORE!!!!

 The first ever symbol drawing by Silvia Hartmann 2002

The 1st Symbol Drawing, Winter 2002 by Silvia Hartmann

This started off what became FOR YOU, A STAR


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