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The Angels Are Coming

The Angels Are Coming

I am currently creating a major project, The Aspect Angel, and the hardest part of that is to wait for things to set and dry. One night, around 3am, as I was tidying up the explosion of glittering triangles, my hands started to make an angel ...


Guardian Angel Charm in my hand - The GoE Guardian Angel in blue & gold


This literally just "happened," I didn't think about it, just made it. 

At some point I woke up and thought, wow, that's the GoE (Guild of Energists) colours - gold and blue.

GoE Angel Gold & Blue

It's the GoE Guardian Angel, come to help the GoE and all its members!

This thought energized me, I couldn't go to sleep, so I went and drew the design in vector:

GoE Guardian Angel Vector Design

"It" still wasn't done, so I used some filters to make a Guardian Angel for anyone who needs one, be they GoE Members or not, and posted it around 4.30am to social media.

Guardian Angel For anyone who needs one digital energy art by Silvia Hartmann

A Guardian Angel for anyone who needs one tonight.


Someone commented that the colour scheme didn't match their bedroom of pink.

I made them one. It's easy in digital.

Pink Guardian Angel Digital Modern Energy Art by Silvia Hartmann


As the "layer cake" method of making energy magic charms is such a useful thing, I also posted a How To to MSAP the next day.

Added a print out for the shapes.

Angel Design Printout Template

Click on the image to get the full size pic to print out


Very happy to have the GoE Guardian Angel :-) on board, and I look forward to welcoming the Aspect Angel when it is complete. :-)


 GoE Guardian Angel Vector Design tidy


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