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The Artist's Prayer

The Artist's Prayer

I found this article in the archives which describes "The Artist's Prayer" - the artist's contribution to change. This is clearly Art Solutions, not "art therapy as you know it, Jim" where the experience of pain simply gets regurgitated, or the problem/s simply get re-stated, yet again and ad infinitum. 

I could talk of this for hours; over to the aspect, 2003. 

677 Artist's Contribution - Praying For Reality

(The Artist's Prayer)

Since I went back to Germany to do a couple of lectures two years ago, I've felt a little guilty that I'd deserted, run off, gone somewhere else where things are brighter, easier, lighter all around.

This guilt wasn't really alleviated by the fact that there exists now an EMO book and an EFT book in German translation.

There is something very specific about the whole German thing, not surprisingly at that, which needs some form of help.

But what is a single person to do?

That's always the question, isn't it.

What am *I* to do about the tsunami victims, child abuse, crime, misery, the ozone layer, you name it ...

Man! I can't even get myself out of bed most days, what am *I* supposed to *do* about any of all of THAT?

Well you can pray. That's a good thing, and in spite of what most people think, that actually does SOME THING and it's more than is usually done. When's the last time someone prayed for YOU, really prayed for you?

What I was to do about "the German condition" (whatever that may be) came to me whilst waiting in Frankfurt airport for 6 hours and getting consecutively more drunk at the only bar that was open at that time.

I decided to make an original German hypnodreams album.

My very best effort to affect some form of change, my very best effort for a prayer for (that).

Once again, there are obviously those who would think or say, "Well that's not very much. Half a dozen very strange prayer like poems, a bit of hypnosis ..."

But then those wouldn't know the cost and the challenge involved in an artist's contribution.

This album hasn't just taken me to the edge and then beyond. It's not finished yet but the process was more of a challenge, because of the energies involved, than anything I've ever done before.

I might even say I had to become a better person to be able to do this at all and in the first place.

I'd never thought of art as a prayer or a spell, but this is clearly what this is. It's a truly amazing process of craft and intention, and it is NOT about many people hearing this, but the CREATION of it and what happens in the process of that.

Perhaps it is so that artists get to really touch the Akashic records and then change occurs, and regardless of anyone ever sees, hears, touches, feels, finds that particular work of art that was made.

I really don't know but I would offer our experiences with this to all the other artists here as an application of their will, skill and craft - to make something that will change the world. 


Silvia Hartmann, 2003


* This references "Reise In Die Heimat" or Reise for short. has the full texts. 

* Don't just read this and nod. Make something to affect a change. The world of men needs all the help it can get. x

Reise In Die Heimat - Artist's Prayer Symbol Painting by Silvia Hartmann

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