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The Course In Modern Energy Art Is Now Available!

The Course In Modern Energy Art Is Now Available!

I am so, so delighted that the course in Modern Energy Art is complete and now available at an affordable price! Here, you get a full, thorough foundation in the principles of Modern Energy Art, which are a complete paradigm shift in why and how we do art, and what we learn about ourselves and the Universe when we do that. Engaging with your own creativity is personal development like nothing else, and that's just the beginning ...

Modern Energy is a massive paradigm shift.

It calculates everything with six senses, not just five - it defines emotions as the feedback devices for the living energy body, as important messages that contain the information that cannot be received in any other way.

Art is driven by emotion. Surely, this has to be understood first of all - that art, in whatever modality it is happening, is not about what it looks like, or sounds like, but what it does to the emotions.

That's the X-Factor, but there's more.

A crazy artist will produce crazy objects, obviously. These objects capture the crazy energy of the artist and will broadcast that crazy energy, driving other and especially fragile and vulnerable energy systems crazy in the interaction with it.

Taking charge of our own emotions first of all, raising energy and creating works of art that come from an artist who had a loving heart and loving hands is central to Modern Energy Art.

Now, Modern Energy Art simply says that the artist is in charge of their creations. They can CHOOSE to create negative art, chaotic art, painful art, black magic art. It's up to the artist to decide that.


Modern Energy is essential about being the best any person can be, and that is at their HIGH energy states, not the deficient version of the low energy states.

Modern Energy has this notion that in order to develop your soul and get a great afterlife, we need HIGH POSITIVE energy experiences to develop.

Putting MORE Energy into systems to make them work better is the fundamental idea of Modern Energy.

There is a fascinating side effect of moving into higher energy states, and this is that our "intuition" starts to kick in - meaning, we have direct physical feedback on what is right, and what is wrong.

The higher the energy states, the more incontrovertible this becomes, and that leads to very aligned works of Modern Energy Art.

I call that "leaving a legacy of love."

The importance of the ENERGY of a (painting, song, dance, sculpture, story etc.) eclipses all technical skills and tricks of the trade.

This means that a very badly drawn duck that comes from the heart and makes people smile is worth a million times more than a "clever" "picture perfect" thing that has no soul.

This does NOT mean that we do not encourage technical skills in Modern Energy Art.

These develop naturally when the artist stops being reversed and scared, and starts to become fascinated. When brush strokes are made with a loving hand, and a desire to put all your love into a painting, technical skills get better at an astonishing rate.

We learn in the doing, and in practising in high energy states, and this is the learning over time that will then bring technical skills and craft knowledge on board - NATURALLY and in the right order and sequence for the artist.

Modern Energy Art is for everyone. Absolutely everyone. It is simple, it's direct, it is easy to learn, and it teaches us so much about how we human beings work, how we think, how we do things, and above all else, how we create reality.

I love Modern Energy Art and I am so, so proud of all the aspects who put their heart and soul literally into everything that went into that exploration, of doing art with mind, body and spirit all on the same page.

I am proud and happy to leave the legacy of Modern Energy Art.

There's nothing even remotely like it in the world today, and it's needed more than ever.

A real milestone in the development of Modern Energy - today, July 20th, 2020.

"People without creativity are angels with broken wings."

Silvia Hartmann

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