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The Cure

The Cure

When the global panic pandemic first kicked off, I made a symbol hybrid of a "magic medicine bottle." It's been sitting quietly in the corner, and this morning, the title came to me. It's a word we are not allowed to use, ever, which is a shame in many ways, because when a word gets deleted, the entire portal and potential collapses, and an escape route has been closed off that was there before.

 Photo of Silvia Hartmann's The Cure symbol hybrid painting

The title is THE CURE.

Just in case we have anyone coming across this who has all the intelligence of a single celled amoeba, let me be clear.

This painting is NOT a THE CURE for anything physical.

It's ART, and to be more precise, it's MODERN ENERGY ART.

I don't even, as an artist, have to explain what this is a THE CURE for.

I can leave that to the living imagination of anyone.

And that, in and of itself, is one of those mysterious art things ...



The CURE to colour in:

The Cure to colour in


Save the image, print it out or fill it in on your phone or in an art program with YOUR colours to create YOUR THE CURE for whatever you need a THE CURE for. With love from Silvia x
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