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The Fridge Magnets Gallery

The Fridge Magnets Gallery

I don't know why this happened, but in 2016, a project was done to make a gallery of favourite energy art with fridge magnet picture frames. 

This took quite some time to assemble but it was fun to do. 

Here is the complete exhibition: 


Silvia's Fridge Magnet Gallery 2016

Silvia's Fridge Magnet Gallery 2016



August 2022

This "installation" came to mind in the context of Project SuperStar today. After much questing in the archive, this one picture of the project was found. 

In this installation, all the paintings are the same size, and one cannot tell if that's a hard painting, a sculpture or a digital image. 

This is hugely relevant to me as I am musing on the "value" of art, particularly the difference in value between hard art and digital art, 

Monetary value or spiritual value? 

Well, that's the question, isn't it ... 


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