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The Groovies :-)

The Groovies :-)

One night, the groovies came along to cheer me up ...

February 9

Last night (well around 4am) I was listening to a presentation on ancient civilisations whilst doodling whatever my dear Energy Mind would like to be doodling about on the computer.

And this was the result.

The Groovies by Silvia Hartmann

It's like I need Mens, flower fairies and strange multi-coloured groovy beings perched on a random woman to "balance my energy system" after some major contemplation about the ways of super-consciousness, Star Matrix, and my tax bill.

We may think that this is totally spurious but it actually isn't. Everything had to be clicked along the way. And there was debate whether there should have been a groovy being perched on the woman's head, but it was very late at the time ...

It's just so easy to dismiss things like this as "oh it's just some crazy thing" but the fact is that people are HIGHLY structural in nature, and there's no way my Energy Mind doesn't know exactly what it's doing, why, in which order and sequence, and whether or not the woman needs a groovy perched on her head or not. Accepting this is so is a challenge :-) but I invite you guys to consider this when it comes to your own creations.


Originally posted to MEA group Feb 9 2020

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