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The Mirror Man Sculpture by Silvia Hartmann

The Mirror Man Sculpture by Silvia Hartmann

Story and Image about the The Mirror Man Sculpture by Silvia Hartmann

The Mirror Man

August 2007


One of the problems with the things we do is that it becomes ever more difficult to categorize them.

The following work of art is a sculpture but it is also an Art Solution; it is Project Sanctuary derived and a personal development project to change perception and processing across a wide area of my neurology so you could even call it applied NLP; the process of making it was nothing short of deeply hypnotic as well and involved strange energy shifts - and thus it belongs into many different sections on this website, if not in all of them.

Here is the story.

I was discussing the fact that "the reality of numbers" has always either escaped me, or that there was a significant mismatch in what I understood numbers to be with my teachers across the years.

There are many problems with numbers, not least of all the usual hierarchical confusions, which, if applied to numbers, cause major havoc. Is 1 better or worse than 2? Or 3 million, or -789? What about 0.3? Or 3/4? Is that why they say that "Catholics can't count"?

I wouldn't want to comment; suffice to say that I asked my energy mind to sort out my numbers confusions, once and for all. Give me something, I said, to repair all and any misunderstandings on the topic and show me a pathway to making peace with numbers, and to have me be their master, finally.

My trusty energy mind flashed up immediately a mind movie.

It was of a man shaped mirror ball, if you will.

A mirror man.

It showed me exactly the dimensions and what it was supposed to look like when it was finished, and I understood how to make it immediately, as well.

So I said, ok, it's a deal.

And set about making the mirror man.

Now you might think that that was easy, and in a way it was. In another, it was not. It was extremely time consuming and fiddly. However, I found that strangely whilst I was working on this sculpture, I wasn't THINKING.

Now that's very unusual for me.

I don't really know if that has ever happened, anywhere.

I always think some thing, on some level, have some experiences going on, even in the deepest of meditations, even in sleep.

Working on the mirror man, I was thinking nothing and totally unaware of time passing or anything, for that matter.

I also found that I couldn't stop or concentrate on anything else, no matter how beloved or wondrous it would ordinarily be. I had to force myself to take short breaks and then had to literally run back and continue.

It took - 5 days in all to complete the sculpture.

So here it is.

I've completed my part of the bargain.

Now we can sit back and wonder, what will happen next ...

SFX August 2007

Mirror Man Sculpture by StarFields

The Mirror Man


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