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The Old Artist (and the non-hierarchical, non-temporal, non-linear aspects)

The Old Artist (and the non-hierarchical, non-temporal, non-linear aspects)

Originally written for the Star Matrix Masters group, this is one of the most profund expressions of the Modern Energy Art manifesto, and makes all the difference to "life as an artist." Yes, and then there's the sension story about "The Old Artist" (and their non-hierarchical, non-temporal, non-linear aspects ...) 

he Non-Linear, Non-Hierarchical, Non-Temporal Aspects
Post by Silvia » Mon Dec 14, 2020 10:57 am

Had a strange thing this morning you could call "Listen to your past aspects!"

Now this is strange because we have this idea that we start out stupid and end up getting wiser/smarter/better as the incarnation progresses.

And it sort of makes sense when you think in terms of a beginner trying to make something, a pot of clay or whatever, and their results are worse than the guy who has been making pots of clay for fifty years.

HOWEVER ... I've been questioning this linear progression of age and wisdom for a long time.
In the Modern Energy Art Course, I specifically address this because it is so important to understand that younger aspects create unique art that is NOT worse than older aspect's art for a multitude of reasons.

  1. Trying to do "better" than all your previous aspects have ever done, every time you pick up a brush, adds a crazy and entirely unnecessary level of stress to the endeavour.
  2. Feeling the older aspects sneering at you down the timeline (who are so much better and wiser and more accomplished than YOU are!) sucks ass.
  3. Disrespecting the younger aspects' work and critizising it harshly for the imperfections is awful, and undermines the self in the here & now, every time.
  4. It is also totally UNJUST, UNJUSTIFIED, and WRONG - because every single aspect produces the best work of art, and more than that, produces works of art that NO OTHER ASPECT could ever equal, in intention, in power, and in expression.

The "art" context makes it 100% clear that the only way to deal with aspects is to understand that
each one is precious, beloved, and contributes their uniqueness to the whole story over time, which builds the "body of work." All together. One story, one body.

Now let us dissolve the "art" context and consider this thing with the valuable, precious and beloved unique aspects over life in general.

We have found that younger aspects have wisdom that we need, right here, right now. We are NOT smarter than them, we are NOT more enlightened, it is NOT a linear progression from dumb to amazing at all.

It's a totally different tapestry, it's non-hierarchical, and it is non-temporal.

So yeah. You don't have to do "better" than your younger aspects. You just have to do YOU in order to contribute to what is eventually going to be your YOU. Neither better, nor worse, unconditional, precious and beloved.

And that really moves me. xxx



My dear EM just gave me a sension that made me cry.

It was a collection of young aspects across the ages of life, standing around a really old aspect who is painting a "really bad" duck with shaking hands and unable to see close up what their endeavour is actually producing.

This will be the last painting any aspect would ever do ...

The younger aspects are silent and intent, fully focused on the old artist.

They are sending their love and support, their admiration across time and space, and the old artist is smiling, loving the moment, getting lost in their art, eternal joy in their heart ...

Years beyond, people will travel the world to stand before this painting, and strangely, feeling uplifted and encouraged by it; and some will go home, and try to paint something in the colours they love ...


Silvia Hartmann

Dec 14, 2020 

 The old artist and their aspects sketch by silvia hartmann

 Old artist sension sketch (Star Matrix sketch) by Silvia Hartmann


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