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The Real Man Project

The Real Man Project

So, we've done the cave painting. We've done the handprints, the stick figures, the symbols.

What's next?

The obvious answer has to be to portray a human being. I'm a female so my natural inclination is to want to paint men.

*Real* men.

What do I mean when I say I want to paint a "real man"?

Here's what I don't mean.


A modern "metrosexual" ...

A "real men were pink" guy ... (are you kidding me?!)

A perfect six pack model sculptured statue ...

A CHILD pretending to be a MAN ...


Now, of course, I'm an old lady Cool

Call me old fashioned, if you must.

But when I think of a "real man" I think of a man as you might meet in the street for real, or in a pub, in a supermarket, in an office.

Like, a really REAL man!

A male adult of the human species.


As so many females, I have bemoaned the fact that the "ideal of female beauty" portrayed by the modern media doesn't jive with me.

I've only recently realised that the portrayal of "the modern man" doesn't jive with me, either.

The whole deal with primal art is to get back to basics.

So that's what this project is about for me.

To document my (female, heterosexual!) point of view of a real man.

And to use this as the inspiration for the next stage in my art.


Now, to find me a model ... Smile


SFX August 2012



Update September 23rd 2012


Some models have been found, photographs have been taken.

Unfortunately, the Google Docs project is putting a spanner in the works at the moment but I am determined to finish this project which is really fascinating.

I'd like to collect the images in a book and put a poem with each one.

In the meantime, here are some samples.


Black and white photograph of a man's chest

See Me Hear Me Touch Me Feel Me



Black and white photograph of a man wearing a mask




Black and white photograph of a man with a tattoo

Ask Me




Black & White Photograph of a man in submission




Black & White Photograph of a man touching himself



With many thanks to my wonderful models.




Update June 5th, 2014 - A date for the first exhibition of my Real Man Project photographs at Oneart Studio Gallery in Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK.


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