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The Sea Of Books

The Sea Of Books

Tonight I had an experience that has taken me a big step further in embracing the possibilities inherent in AI art. This is the illustration for my Star Story, "The Sea of Books."

If you know anything about me, you'll know the story - how a young animal behaviourist realised that the missing magic ingredient in the relationships between animals and people was actually LOVE. How much LOVE there was flowing between them - the invisible substance that was being exchanged and that determined 100% how that relationship would function.

LOVE. She went into the study in the front room, and one after the other, pulled all the learned tomes and research studies from the shelves, looking for that word, LOVE, and eventually, as the sun started to set, she sat in a sea of scientific books AND THE WORD LOVE WASN'T IN ANY OF THEM.

I can't describe really what happened there. I've never felt such sorrow. But from the sorrow something else arose, like a flame inside - we need to put LOVE back into science.

We need a new science of love.

Yes, and here we are, 30 years later, and slowly, progress is being made.

It's not easy to build a whole new matrix from the ground up, one in which love is logical, and logic is love. I admit I didn't think it would take this long ...

And here we come to the "art part."

I was playing with the AI art generator, to make some pretty pictures for social media posts to advertise my new book, "The Power of the Positives" and one of these was "a book with golden sparkles coming out of it."

 Book with golden sparkles coming out of it

Ad pic for "The Power of the Positives" (it's a book full of positive energy!)

I usually edit the AI image in some way before I post it, and during this editing process I got to thinking about a book with LOVE in it, and how The Power of the Positives is such a book. It really does have all my LOVE in it, and it is calling on the power of LOVE through its little ambassadors, the Positives.

This then connected up with the Star Memory "The sea of books" and I decided to try and work with the AI to make an image to represent that life changing moment for me.

This isn't an easy task. A picture says more than a thousand words; it's an information transmitter, and if the image is wrong, obviously the wrong information is being transmitted. The right information, which is energy, will create the right understanding.

Now you could hit the "create image" button a thousand times, like the endless monkeys blindly pecking away at the infinite typewriters, but that's not how I work with AI art.

I do my best to give it the right instructions, and I'm getting better at it, so I had 8 images which did something right, somewhere.

The final image is a collage. Ah! A COLLAGE. And that was my Star Event with AI art right there.

Artists have been cutting up bits of all sorts and sticking them back together for time immemorial, and it produces a new work of art. A collage. My "Sea of Books" is a collage, it's a real work of art, and I can put my signature on it without feeling ashamed, guilty or suffering from some kind of impostor syndrome.

This clicked into all sorts of other precepts from Modern Energy Art - namely that it is ONLY about the ENERGY of the work of MEA, not anything else. Not the modality, not the goodness or perfection in craft or rendering, but ONLY ABOUT THE ENERGY.

This is exciting and amazing. We're not limited anymore by our physical capabilities or the decades of study it takes to get good at rendering scenes, people, lights, whatever. We can show each other "what's on our minds."

I love "The Sea Of Books" because it brings together Silvia 2023 and Silvia 1993 in the creation of that image.

And I am starting to make peace with AI Art. The first step towards LOVE.

Silvia Hartmann 1993 sitting in the sea of scientific books that didn't have the word LOVE in them

 The Sea Of Books

Silvia Hartmann 2023




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