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The StarFields Shop Of Magic

The StarFields Shop Of Magic

I would love there to be REAL MAGIC shops on the High Street - not the old idea of dried toads in jars, and endless boring spell books that don't actually work, but real energy magic artefacts and helpful things to get us through our days and nights. For years, I've been collecting ideas for what I would like in the StarFields Shop, made prototypes (some of which can be found under Silvia's Magic Toys). Today I thought it was about time to make a page for the StarFields Shop - art is magic, magic is art, and artless magic is heartless magic! :-)


2005 StarFields Magic Store Visualisation

The original post from 2012: (TGS = The Genius Symbols, re-named to The Energy Symbols in 2016)
StarFields Magic Shop
Post by Silvia » Fri May 25, 2012 1:16 am
I'd love to have a mgic shop.
Items that it would sell might include ...
TGS sets of all kinds, including dichroics, sets of semiprecious gem stones, and the cute plastic sparkly ones for kids;
TGS game boards and scarves; (just saw a TGS twister game .... oh no! LOL)
Dichroic wrist cuffs and bracelets (amazing reminders of magic and such wonderful instant meditation/stress relief devices!)
Soaps and shampoos with 24k gold dust
Edible gold leafed magic beans (with instructions)
Crystal bone sets (also with instructions)
Oh, a range of super expensive, fantastic books like in The Magician, blank inside
A complete range of TGS (single symbol) t-shirts, jewellery, and mugs
Cloaks. Definitely cloaks. Must have some excellent cloaks including blue, black and purple crushed velvet with stars, gold, silver, holographic. So perfect for feeling magical, or protected under certain circumstances.
A range of healing and other magic T-shirts. What could be more logical than when you're feeling ill to put on a T-shirt with a big healing symbol straight over the heart centre?!
All manner of practical magical jewellery. Like the mirrors for protection, meteorite pendants, desert glass pendants, titanium and vanadium charms, proper, hard core stuff.
Some excellent magic wands. Including some of my crystalline polyester wands with various inclusions.
A selection of antenna artefacts. And fountain artefacts (for home harmony).
Mirrorman statues!!! In at least three different sizes. And squishy ones to take to bed with you. Indeed, a whole range of mirrorman merchandise - T-shirts, mugs, boxes, jewellery, hats!
Moppets and my party juju people. They're really great.
Of course, a selection of handy music, meditation CDs and books, fiction and how to.
Magic art - posters, post cards, and sculptures.
Well that would be a startSmile
Love that.
I might make one of those in Pertineri, get some more ideas for my magic shop.


The most recent item from May, 2021 which inspired me to make a page for the StarFields Store:


 Bangle prototype

Last night, I was doodling with some strips cut out of a Pringles tube, making bangle blanks and wondering what I would put on them, given all the possible choices in the multiverse 🤣 What came to mind was ... THIS POEM. Write it on, simple as. I did it and thought what a nifty prototype for the general idea to take a sheet of any metal - silver, gold, titanium, aluminium - and engrave a poem, on the inside, or on the outside, or two poems, one the one you show to the world, the other the one you read when you're by yourself 🙂 then bend it round and weld it. Any jeweller or even any metal worker could do that. It would make a most fabulous personalised item or gift for a loved one. Certainly a product line for my "StarFields Magic Shop" in Pertineri Market 🙂

This poem reads:

Now raise your crown of lights,
unfold your radiant wings,
you own both day and night,
and do such splendid things.


An item from 2015, the magic dinner plates of powerful Positives, to a) energize your food, even if it's a microwave TV dinner; b) to inspire; c) to have more fun washing up. Come on people, that's so basic, we should find those everywhere!!!

Magic Dinner Plate

I've run out of time for today, will post more in due course! :-)

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