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The Wibbles

The Wibbles

Arriving on August 1st, 2021, The Wibbles are happy creatures which can be any shape and any colour. Thus, everyone can draw their own Wibbles, and they will always be perfect :-)

The arrival of the Wibbles by Silvia Hartmann

The arrival of the Wibbles, at 3am on August 1st, 2021.


Wibble morphing gif

Wibbles start out as round balls when they enter into our dimension, where they start to experiment with different shapes and colours.

More came and there was the Wibble party ... Wibble party

It's a Wibble party! :-)


Challenge: Draw a Wibble of your own. When you got your Wibble, show me how that Wibble would wibble.

Try it with kids :-)

Question: Is a Wibble a symbol painting ...?

Have fun with art!




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