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The Wisdom Chalice

The Wisdom Chalice

Some people like to have their art "speak for itself," I am a story teller and my art is a part of an ongoing complex story with many chapters; an anthology that weaves through all the work I do. The story of The Wisdom Chalice has been ongoing for a long time, at least since 1998. Alright so! Make yourself comfortable, let us begin ...

We begin our story around 1998, when my aspects loved to write a new style of hypnotic inductions, the HYPNODREAMS.

Instead of bombarding the unconscious person with heavy handed commands to "do better," the HypnoDreams were playful, delightful, fascinating and reached parts of the energy system normal hypnosis cannot touch.

The very first of these new style inductions which we now call Energy Hypnosis, written in what we now call paranormal language, was, in fact, The Wisdom of the Water.

It starts out like this:

As you relax and listen to me now,

I might tell you

about a person who went out

into their garden and they felt

a tiny cold sensation on their cheek.


They might have looked up to the sky and

might have realised that soon there would be rain,

and for some reason, that day they went

into their house and fetched a green blue chalice

made of old, old glass.

They took it outside and they stood it

in a place that would be right,

and even as they straightened and looked down

upon the chalice, they could feel the wind

now growing stronger and more rain

beginning now to fall, and they could see

one drop and then two inside the chalice.


Smiling, they would turn around and go inside

and close the doors, and for a moment

stand and watch as first the single spots of rain

appear now on the window pane, and then more still

that turn to little rivulets ...


The green-blue chalice made from old glass became the signature image for an entire collection of HypnoDreams, which took its title from The Wisdom of The Water, and it looked like this:

 Wisdom chalice original hypnodreams vol 1 cover illustration


Ever since, my aspects were on the look out for such a chalice but never found one; so eventually, she made one, in February of 2018, a full 20 years after the HypnoDream had arrived. Wow. I find that quite mindboggling.

 Wisdom chalice made hard, made into an artefact

Took 20 YEARS to make that hard ... that is slooooooooooooow ...!!!

It is true that I am completely in love with this type of resin alchemy. I love the colour changes, the opalescence, the transparency, I love everything about it. After making or rather, during making the chalice, I had a sension (our word for "vision") about an ancient artefact found in the sands of time. A precious, precious thing that would transform the fortunes of the lucky person who found it. 

I got a canvas, gold leafed the whole thing, and made the ancient artefact of the Wisdom Chalice. 

Because of the gold leaf background and the nature of the resin pieces, this creation, more a mosaic than a "painting," looks different and feels different in different lights and environments. Here are a few snap shots:






This had happened in February of 2018, and ever since, the picture was hanging in the one premium position in my house; the one place a picture actually hangs on the wall and you can see it every day. Considering how many paintings and pictures I do make, that is a "super honour" but I never thought about it, until this morning, May 10th 2021. I got up, I saw it, and it exploded into consciousness. Like it had been hit with a beam of light, which it wasn't; it sits in shadow first thing in the morning

Now the strange part is that I thought this was called "Treasures & Riches," and was reflecting on how the whole Star Matrix idea of finding the Treasures & Riches of your life is expressed in this precious artefact re-covered from the golden sands of time. I decided to make a post on that, perhaps considering that there are such treasures in our past, and to take that term literally for a change - is there something in your past that is literally a treasure, something that could make you rich, if you discovered it???

I went to my work station in order to call up an image of the painting, which surely must exist on Modern Energy Art website, of course, I never doubted it for a minute!

Searched the site and ... "Zero results for Treasures & Riches!" Oh ... perhaps it has a different title than I thought? Perhaps I can find it in the timeline? I remember when I made it ... No. Nothing. WTF!

I got the picture down and looked at the back. There, I found:


It was only then the picture connected back up with the original HypnoDream and the chalice artefact - but it was absolutely still also TREASURES & RICHES, at the same time - a most intriguing sensation!

I cannot not have the ONE picture that actually hangs up in my house, which I clearly value and "treasure" and have chosen for over three years to be THE ONE I will see many times, every day, not be on my art website!!!

So I took a snapshot of the two Wisdom Chalices together:


I also asked my partner to take the provenance snap shot in the garden - three years and three months after I made it!

 May 10th, 2021

 Now I could insert this whole post where it belongs in the timeline and back date it to Feb 2 2018, but it seems that the Wisdom Chalice and its Treasures & Riches, the sands of time, and all of that are still unfolding. Really fascinating. As is that original thought from this morning, "What if this wasn't a metaphor but actually a practical truth? What if the key to changing your life - and mine! - lay in something from the past that we have now to uncover???

It's an interesting thought. Wonder if there'll be a ... TBC ... :-)

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